Night at home

That was Peanut and I watching Heath walk the tighroap on Wii.

I’m home getting ready for a trip to the DMV before work. Last night we cleaned up made a chili did laundry, let Peanut relax, caught up on tv and just hung out at home. Gota go, sorry for the week post. There is potential that Heath will elaborate for me or I will have new stories when back from the DMV.


UPDATE: 9:15am

DMV trip went nearly perfect. I went to the Raytown office and showed up at 7:40. I arrived to find a store hours sign saying they would open at 8:30, but the website had said 8:00 so i was disapointed. There was one other guy in his car waiting. I decided to do some grocery shopping next door then came back and read a book for a bit. At 8:00 the sign switched to open and I was first in line. I needed to go to city hall for some paperwork i was missing so got the truck almost done. I walked across the room to the drivers licence station and was second there so got my licence in like 2 minutes. I was 2nd in line at city hall (only a few blocks away) and they got me set up pretty quick. Back to the DMV, the lady that had helped me was still open so I walked right up she printed everything, got my tags and stickers and such. We talked a bunch about Grandma Natty and what a disaster MO is for making cheep old boats legal but she hooked me up with the paperwork and locations for various things and made me think twice about moving it from KS to MO. I was out and back to work by 9:00.

So I recomend Raytown office, even 5 business days before end of the month it was great.

Planning on heading to Brooksider after work for happy hour $3.00 scooners on the porch. Anyone want in?



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3 Responses to Night at home

  1. Ding says:

    Your DMV story sounds better than the one I had this week….over 15 min to find a place to park and then another 45 min waiting in line to pay for taxes and tags on the new car.

  2. Courtney says:

    And I think just about everyone else can say the same thing.  I’ve always wondered why they don’t hire enough people to serve everyone and why the people they do hire are the biggest idiots.

  3. thePrewitt says:

    I was really expecting the worse. I had never done MO before, I had to do multiple things and it was the end of the month. I was expecting to have a terrible morning and possibly afternoon.

    I was not expecting to get a competent employee but the lady I had was great and I didn’t talk to the 3 standing there with no customers but they seemed to be able to form sentences and stuff just fine.

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