Trim removal begins

When I got home from work I baked some lemon pepper fish and frozen asparagus. I also cooked some sweet potato wedges, some rice with corn and cheese in it and cottage cheese. While I was cooking dinner Peanut was playing on the computer some more and Heath was reading through the wedding Thank Yous for the last review before printing.

We ate dinner quickly and then got started on the wall. Here is the other side.

I got started on the thin edge, then moved to the unpainted side.

Heath typically has a more delicate touch so she got started on the painted side.

We ended up working together and had all the trim off the wall in no time. Then we moved on to the panels. We had small pry bars and gently worked the panel off all the nails.

Peanut decided our project was more fun then the computer and got out his tool box to come help us. He did some great work with the plastic hammer.

Before too long we had all the trim and paneling off of one side and the wall looked like this.

We were nearly professionals now and moved to the painted side.

It did not take long to pop the rest of the panels and trim off and before long we could see through the old wall.

The whole thing took about an hour and 15 minutes. We quickly cleaned up and put away the tools then headed out to run some errands.

Dairy Queen has some blizard special on Tuesdays so we headed there to celebrate the wall. Peanut got a dipped cone and ate the whole thing.

After DQ we realized people could look in the front door now and see the fish tank so we better fatten up the fish. (or we just knew we were running out of feeder fish) So we hit up the Waldo pet store for crickets and feeder gold fish.

Charlie the catfish was no where to be seen but there was a new big catfish that we fed.

Then we headed home and got Peanut in bed. I went for a run after that but was full of banana cream pie blizard and could not run far.


After a shower and a big glass of water I watched for a while.

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6 Responses to Trim removal begins

  1. Stephen says:

    I watched a couple of those shows last night too, pretty good except for the stupid whiney team from KC.  Those girls got on my nerves fast.  Crazy amont of wood one of the groups needed to keep warm.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Yeah those were my thoughts too. Those girls are terrible. The wood group seems wierd to me, getting a lot of wood but no food, compleately oposite of the other groups. Also whats the deal with 2 guys 1 girl all friends?

  3. Courtney says:

    already looks completely different.  I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

  4. TCB says:

    we should go there for test ourslves in winter.

  5. brotherjohn says:

    it makes you look like a real contractor!

  6. The Mrs. says:

    I should have thought to charge Chris for all the hard work!

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