I think I am almost done doing things from our wedding

I forgot to tell you about my ELPH

After the wedding on Saturday we were wound up and heading toward the bar. I decided to take a timed shot of our group and set the timer on a truck then we all posed. 10 seconds it flashed and took the picture then began to slide. I ran but was not quick enough, it slid right off the truck and hit the ground. Now whenever it is on the screen looks like this.

It is all white with a black triangle in the corner. It still takes pictures ok but you can not see anything in the screen ever. I don’t know what I am going to do.

So I got home and made plans with Heath. We have been wanting to print the pictures from our wedding for almost 2 months now and had it scheduled for last night. I knew it was going to be a long night sitting and looking at pictures so I wanted to get a run in quick before dinner. We got all ready and were walking out the door when I realized I was really hungry and should get some rice started before we left so it would be ready when we returned. We came back in and started getting it ready and Stooks showed up. He convinced us to hang out for a bit before the run. The bit grew longer and longer and so I decided to go ahead and cook dinner then run later in the evening. Stooks joined us for some garlic chicken vegetable stuff on rice and we watched Always Sunny In Philadelphia as we ate. Then Stooks headed out and Heath and I set up the laptops and some drinks and got busy on our picture order. Heath put sounds of the 70’s on the tv and we listened to some classics while we put our order together.

On one computer we went to http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Weddings and took a look at our pictures and on the other we went to www.snapfish.com and set up accounts to take advantage of the 20 free prints for signing up and a special going on until today for 50 prints for $0.50.

We have so many good pictures it took us forever to get through each group. As our orders grew we decided to fill up some glasses from the last box of wedding wine. We each had 2 full glasses and the box ran dry leaving an empty plastic sac.


So it is not terrible exciting but we looked through pictures and put orders together.We ended up with

228   4×6 prints
12    5×7 prints
5   8×10 prints

And our total between the orders under each of our names after tax and shipping came to almost right at $50.

It was very releaving to be done but between printing and dinner our whole night was gone. There were several things I had wanted to do but it was late when we were done and I had to postpone projects for later.  Tonight is date night and I may not get a chance to work on them either. We spent a little time taking measurements in the new big room and trying to put a plan together on how we would put furniture in it and make everything work. Then we got ready for bed and our fried brains were out in no time.


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