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Betcha you can’t guess what I’m making there?

Mike was coming over for dinner so I set out some steak to thaw yesterday morning. After work I covered it in meat tenderizer, chipotle sauce and beer.

Then I made up a batch of pizza dough and let it rise.

Heath and I got running gear on, grabbed Berry and hit the street. We ran in our neighborhood and stayed on the side streets and never crossed a major road. There are all sorts of strange little streets and dead ends and stuff in our neighborhood and we went down a few streets I have never gone down before and checked out a lot of really cool unique houses. We decided everyone in our neighborhood has a dog or two or three.

Once home we got cleaned up then got after dinner. We took out all these toppings and sliced up the onion and green pepper.

I rolled out the dough and tried to make two very large very thin pizza crusts. Also I put a can of enchilada sauce in a pan and added a bunch of salsa and some corn starch then let it simmer.

I tossed the steak on the grill on a low heat and let is cook slowly while we worked on the other stuff. I basted it with sauce a few times while it was cooking.

Mike showed up and we hung out in the kitchen and had a few beers while the steak was cooking and the pizzas were coming together. We added a layer of re fried beans to the crust then the sauce then the veggies and once the steak was done we chopped it up small and added it on.

We baked the pizzas then tossed them on the table. Stooks woke up from his nap and joined us but had a full stomach and just visited and watched us.

Both pizzas were really good and the three of us did some major damage to the giant meaty pizzas. Heath claimed to have only eaten 4 slices but there was so much gone I can’t believe Mike and I ate the rest.

After the pizza I got some unusual heart burn and tried to fix it with rolaids and beer but that did not seem to do the trick. We relaxed and tried to digest and watched some survival and shark shows on tv then Always Sunny again and Testes. Mike headed home at 10 and we got ready for bed.

Much of the conversation over the night was about Mike’s somewhat recent return to KC. He informed me he was signed up for the upcoming Triathlon and asked about meat club.

I had been thinking about meat club off an on for a few weeks and was thinking about trying to revive it.

Previously the meat club always had the issue of where to meat and when but I think I have a solution to that. I’ll plan on hosting it at my house unless there is another volunteer or suggestion of a restaurant.

Heath has her own girl club type meetings every other month so I’ll pick the same day to ensure meat club is just for the guys.

The first meating of the new meat club is tenatively schedualed for November 13th at our house (unless there are other suggestions). I’m not sure what is on the menu yet.

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