The Stampers

When I got home last night my Brother Matt was outside waiting for us. We headed inside and got out the Quesadilla Maker

and the leftover chili and some rice and salsa and cheese and chicken and jalapenos. Heath and Peanut were not far behind us and Peanut and Matt played Legos in Peanut’s room while I cooked up a bunch of quesadillas and Heath looked through the pictures we recieved from Snapfish in the mail.

Most of them were really good but only most. I’d guess between 5-10% of our pictures turned out bad. Several bad ones had the tops of heads cropped out and a few others were too dark. They all looked fine online and were not edited to wierd shapes or anything. My mom had some bad pics with them before and they refunded her for them. I think Heath is going to ask for a refund and then print them at smugmug and compare the difference.

So Dinner was ready pretty quick and chowed down a huge pile of quesadillas. Matt and Peanut liked the pepperoni and cheese ones best. After dinner the boys headed to Lowes and the pet store to get garage floor sealant paint, crickets and goldfish.

When we got home Heath had set up a Halloween card making station at the kitchen table. There were a bunch of stamps and construction paper and pads of ink.

We all stamped and punched halloween holes and helped Heath make cards. Peanut and Heath had made a group of cards a few weeks ago but aparently it was not enough because Peanut had been asking to do it again all week. Having all of us working on it made it all the more fun for him.

We made cards till 8:00 and here is what we were left with:

Then Matt headed home and Peanut put on pajamas then we laid down to read a book. After the book Peanut brushed his teeth and went to bed. I got to work on 2 laundry baskets full of clean laundry and in no time had it all folded into piles on the bed.

Then I headed into the garage to get down the rest of my first coat of paint on the floor in there.

I wore a long underwhere shirt since it was kinda cold and it is white and boxers so I would not get paint on my jeans. I got the whole floor covered in paint and it looks alright. The floor is kinda like the moon with craters and pits everywhere. These just eat up the paint and seem to use up a lot of paint. I know I need a 2nd coat and may just fill in the rest of the holes or I may coat the whole thing.

After painting I hopped in the shower to wash the paint of my hands, legs and feet. Then got Heath  and pulled out the futon to lay down and watch Fringe on tv.


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