Our Camera is awsome

This is the best picture out of several I took last night. If you can’t tell it is Heath and Peanut laying on the couch eating dinner and Heath looks sick and tired. I took several pictures of them and some from dinner and Heath even took one of me in my boxers painting again but they are either very blurry or nonexistent.

So this morning the first thing I did was check on our camera order with the UPS tracking Number. Here is what I saw:

10/24/2008 7:03 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY

So I am excited for tonight. Actually I’m excited for several reasons.

– It’s Friday and the end of the week / begining of weekend

– KCUR Fundraiser will be over soon

– Jon and Amanda are throwing a “Long Island Floor Party” tonight
– This should be lots of fun
– The more people who come the better
– Everyone is invited

– The rain should stop soon

– And of course this bad boy should be delivered today

Heath and I both (and about everyone I know that has had one) are big fans of the Canon Elph so we ordered another one. The camera we just broke was a slightly older model but it is still available and we really considered getting the same one.

Ok back to a pictureless yesterday. Stephen and I left work and headed to Mcgonagles Market for some Baby back ribs. This was my first time in the store and it was pretty cool and made the carnivore in me hungry. Then we headed home. I knew Heath had been to sick to go to work and discovered she was still in bed and had not picked up Peanut from school so we hopped in the truck and headed that way. It was rush hour but we did not hit too bad of traffic.

On the way home I talked the gang into stopping by 2 furniture stores. This was slightly valuable but probably poorly timed. Peanut like to get on all the couches and screw around and Heath was 25% zombie. So we looked at some couches and saw a few we liked but none we were ready to buy and headed home. IMG_3184

It was a bit after 6pm when we got there and I quickly warmed up a pizza pees and applesauce for grant and fried a burger for me. Then I got to work on my real dinner plan a chunky chicken noodle soup. I put in a bunch of chicken a bunch of vegetables and some monster noodles. I let it cook forever.

When I was not in the kitchen we were watching Sesame Street on the DVR.  I’m not sure I have a good reason but we have been pushing it on Peanut more then Dora lately and he seems to love it just as much. I did not see much of the episode but did catch this song that I thought was funny.


And reminded me of a video I saw on Brian’s site that was also funny.


Do you guys think these songs are hilarious or is it just me? Did SS do this kinda stuff back in the day?

So we spent the night keeping Heath company and comfortable on the futon couch folded out and each ate separate meals and watched tv until 8. Then we got Peanut in bed and read him the story of Henny Penny and another one about Lions.

Henny Penny is an annoying story to read and kinda weird because you have all these animals with rhyming names that you have to read over and over again on each page.

Anyway after story time I put on my painting clothes and finished the garage floor. So it will be nice to walk on it again.

The 2nd coat took a while but made it look better and more importantly hopefully it will be more water resistant.

Then I checked on Heath and we watched a bit of TV and headed to bed.

I hope you didn’t mind the lack of pictures from last night. Topless shots of me should be a nice substitute. If it didn’t work try this video out to cheer you up.


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5 Responses to Our Camera is awsome

  1. Ding says:

    Anyone remember this one. 

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I remember that one well.

  3. Ge-off says:

    All videos posted were great.  I think my favorite had to be the REM video.  Speaking of funny videos with monsters involved…..


  4. Brian says:

    I can’t wait for the fund raising drive to end … I can’t even listen right now.


  5. thePrewitt says:

    not only will it end the drive faster but you won’t feel guilty when the pledge stuff is going on.

    One donator wrote:

    “I’d rather listen to pledge drive on public radio than political ads on commercial radio!”



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