Back to work

That’s right I am back. At the moment I am feeling pretty good. I had a lingering headache for a while this morning but it feels good now. I am hopeing 2 days of doing nothing has me all fixed. Heath is working from home today but I think she is feeling better too. Her voice is still scratchy but she felt a lot better last night.

Well I have a few days to catch up on but I didn’t do much so it should be easy. I moved between the bed and the couch watching things on the tvs or computers and laying or sitting. I never left the house and only went outside to get the trash to the curb or feed Berry. I watched a lot of TV and Movies drank a lot of juice ate some soup and other stuff. That’s about it.

Monday night i felt like i had a lump in my throat or something but felt ok. Heath and I worked on the house all night. I got the last of the drywall in the ceiling while she put plastic up on the windows. We took a break to go to wal-mart for more bubble wrap a flapper for the toilet and some rods for drapes. The flapper did not fit but everything else went well.

That’s about it for today. I hope to have a beter post tomorow as I get stuff ready for haloween.

Our little Optimus Prime shows up tomorow to do some trick or treating and handing out candy at a mini bonfire.



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