A Fall Dusk Hike

Well the time change and the onset of fall has really made it get dark early. So we were really rushing when we got home. I got home and got some trail mix, water and Berry’s kenel in the truck then helped Peanut get ready and as soon as Heath was ready we were off to Minor Park. Peanut started us off with a bit of trail running and we rushed around looking at the leaves and river and getting some good exercise.

We stopped at a few gravel bars to explore and skip rocks.

This trail is pretty cool because there are several mini bluffs that the trail goes right along. You can kinda see how high up we are in the first picture. In this one we are also pretty high up over the water.

It was dark at like 5:40 so we headed home. I needed to be back by 6 anyway so a craigslist guy could look at our old couches. I got the couches ready then got Peanut set up on the computer with some Wonder Pets game where they save a dinosaur.

The craigslist guy showed but wanted a hide a bed and was not interested in the love seat so no deal but I e-mailed the 2nd response on it I got. The lady called me and bought the couch for her son. So While Heath cooked us dinner I got both couches loaded up in the truck all by myself.

It took the lady a while to e-mail me the directions so I ate dinner before going. Heath cooked up some tuna patty things and extra cheesy mac and cheese and some leftover roast vegetables Ohh and farmers market canalope. It was all good.

Then I drove the couches to Wesport. The son and one of his roommates helped me unload the couches then gave me $60 for them. They appeared to be some pretty hard core gamers so I’m not sure they will ever leave the office chairs to sit on the couch but at least his mom will have a place to sit when she visits.

So I headed home excited about my wallet full of cash and got home to find some hard core gaming going on in my own house.

Heath and Peanut had the Wii going and were playing Super Mario Brothers on it.

Last weekend Heath and I took the Wii online and bought this game and ExciteBike for $5 each.

It’s been pretty fun playing the old games and we easily got our $5 worth already.

I could see Peanut and Heath had played Mario Cart too and they told me how Peanut was getting better at it.

Then it was time for bed for Peanut. After tucking him in Heath and I headed downstairs. I needed to put in an outlet next to the fireplace for the wood stove fan. It was a really simple job as the hot water heater closet was right behind the perfect spot.

After I had it installed and work with all old parts I had in the shop I helped Heath clean up the basement. There were dishes to clean and trash to pick up and we just put away things that were out. I still need to vacuum but may wait till the stove gets installed on Thursday because it may be a dirty job.

Tonight: gutters and chimney clean out

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