Hawaii and Fireplaces

Friday was a really fun night but I did not take any pictures. Heath and I ate steak and potato leftovers then played Super Mario Brothers for a bit then headed to a post election party at the stations News Director’s house. It was packed full of radio and news reporters and art people and runners and just random friends of the couple. There was plenty of drinks and snacks around and it looked like everyone was having fun. Heath and I got into lots of great conversations with lots of old and new friends.

Saturday I woke up cooked eggs then met Jon at his basement. He was working on getting the room ready to move into and we poured some concrete. He had cut out a trench and installed a drain and pipe to help make sure water does not come up through the floor. We mixed and poured and smoothed 16 bags of concrete on the floor and it looked really good when done and looks like it will help with any water issues.

After lunch I headed home and split wood for a while and painted (I’ll show you later). Then Heath and her sister came back and we went to the thrift store and grocery store for party supplies. Around 7pm people started coming over to gather in front of the new stove.

I had started the fire a few hours before people came over and it was really hot but had not warmed up the whole room yet.

But eventually we found our way to the rest of the basement for some karaoke

and some drinking Jenga.

Heath blended up all sorts of tasty fruity drinks and passed out the lais.

For more pics of the night check out the gallery.


Sunday morning we went to 39th street mama’s for a not as good as usual breakfast then Heath and I got our fancy pants on for a baptism. Heath became the Godmother of her cousins new daughter.

We spent most of the day here celebrating the baptism birth and marriage of this couple. They were from Alaska and not in town since all the new excitement. There was some good food and Boulevard on tap.

I was exhausted when I got home, well really all day but I’m expecting a busy week so Heath and I did a bit of work on the upstairs fireplace.  Here is the before with the doors open.

Notice the rust at the bottom and the terrible gold color. Here is the after shot. It is not quite done but close.

I sanded off all the rust and roughed up the gold pain on the fan at the bottom but we ran out of paint so have not painted it yet.

Here is the door 1/2 painted after the 1st coat.

Here it is drying between coats in the garage.

We still need to do the whole other side of the fireplace and clean out the bottom before we put it back in but it already looks much nicer and less 70s-ish.

Here is the gallery of all fireplace (upstairs and downstairs) related pictures.



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  1. The Mrs. says:

    No comments on the coconut bra yet?

  2. Courtney says:

    I wouldn’t want to see Chris exposed to the public without it.

    Looks like you guys had a lot more fun that we did this past weekend!  Working on your mother/mother-in-law’s bathroom remodel is not very exciting.

  3. Ge-off says:

    I didn’t see the strings, I thought those were Chris’ nipples.

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