A bad night for our lungs

I’m going to have a crazy day at work today and yesterday I was there an hour late preparing for today. When I got home I was hungry and cooked up some massive pile of vegetables and some shrimp and crab mixture. Then I got started on the ceiling where the wall used to be.

Not a whole lot of excitement to describe. We moved furniture put down plastic then I stood on a chair and sanded. I started with the belt sander then moved to a block of wood w/ some sandpaper stapled to it.

I think I caught most of the sanded off ceiling with my forehead.

Once it was all sanded we talked about beginning to apply the mud and tape but for some reason decided not to. Here are all the pictures of the wall project so far.


I imagine we will begin mudding tonight.

While I was working on the ceiling Heath had her own project on the other side of the room.

She put up tape and paper around the freshly sanded and washed gold fan at the bottom of the fireplace door.  Then she read the can of paint and gave it a squirt.

After the ceiling I moved to the other side of the fireplace door and got it all sanded taped and painted. I’d put up pictures but they look identical to the pictures I put up yesterday of the first side.


Heath then folded a bunch of laundry and started putting wedding pictures into albums. We kept a fire going all night and had coals this morning to get it wound up again.


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