Chris is probably still sleeping

I wanted to put something up on here so that everyone can have their fears calmed. Chris was up all night working on some computer switch-out at work, and he got home well after I was in bed.  I tried really hard to be quite this morning so hopefully he is still sleeping.

The wood stove seems to be doing a great job…yesterday when I got home the temp in the house was at a warm 69 deg.  I think that is partially due to the fact that the outside air tem has gone up a bit, but still it is a good sign.  I also think that the wood we have to burn is not the best quality, so it is not really being as efficient as it could be….but I’m no expert so we will just have to see.

I got sushi for dinner from that little place that is on the corrner of 75th & Wornall, by Waldo Pizza.  Has anyone had it?  I thought it was great and reasonably priced. I had enough to bring my left overs into work for lunch today.

It was kinda like this, except there was no girl, Becky and I were the only non-asian people in there, and there were tables to sit at and a place to go up and order from.  There was also a water fountan decoration that had flowing water, and that was realxing to hear…so maybe it was the same?

I suppose if Chris was the one putting up this post, he would mention that sometime around 7p tomorrow I will be out of the house and he will be cooking meat and probably working on some sort of project, or maybe just hanging with the guys if enough show up, so I’ll extend the invite also.

One more thing.  Chris said that he was going to order shirts for the Triathalon today, but because he is probably sleeping, I’m not sure if he really will get to it or not.  So, you have lucked out, and if you didn’t get an order in you still can.  Just go to this page and put in a comment with your name and what size you want.  Chris mentioned that they will probably between $12- $15 bucks, so place your orders, and you can pay at pick-up.

Hope everyone is having a good day, and that this is a good & entertaining after lunch suprise for you (for those of you who check this site and you are not on break or at lunch…shame on you and get some work done, you slacker!).

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3 Responses to Chris is probably still sleeping

  1. thePrewitt says:

    My job needs me. I worked about a 20 hr day yesterday coming in at 7:30am and staying till 3:30am. I got some more to do today so can’t tell you about it or show you the pics yet.

  2. Ge-off says:

    I feel your pain.  I worked 30-something hours between a Sunday and Monday back in October.  What would the world do without dedicated IT workers like us?

  3. Ben Clark says:

    We would all be working on typewriters, but there would be far fewer condescending remarks from virgins everytime I do something stupid and break my work computer.

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