no club but still meat

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Meat club yesterday had little going for it and mostly I blame myself. How do guys know if they want to come eat something if they don’t know what they will be eating. So instead we decided to do Meat Club next Tuesday. Look for the Event later on today.

Since I had no dinner plan now Stephen and I got our ladies and took them to Smokestack.

Actually I distinctly remember the girls getting up at the end of the meal and paying the bill so I guess they took us out. We all got dinner for two meals that were giant meals for 8 and took home a big pile of leftovers.

After dinner Stephen and I went up the street to Patrick’s Bar and No Grill. We got a couple of Boulevard Wheats and tried to digest the pile of BBQ we had just eaten.

After out beers we headed home. I was there for 10 minutes when Jon called and said he was ready for some fiberglass work.

So I headed over to Amanda and his basement.

Jon got there shortly later and we BSed a while then got busy working on his shower. Fiberglass is both fun and terrible.

It’s fun because there is a short time where the resin is liquid and you can feel it starting to harden up. So once you mix it the clock starts and you need to be on top of it. Jon and I went through a little more then a gallon of resin and 5 bags of fiberglass weave sheets. I’m not sure how long this took but it was a while and very intense.

Fiberglass work is also terrible. It smells strong, it makes you light headed it seems to get on everything and its really sticky. We had a window open and the door open but the basement quickly became a haze of resin fumes. We worked through it though and no one passed out. The guy above Jon came down to see what the smell was he gave us a fan and left us to our intense work.

We ran out of sheet of fiberglass near the end and I ran down the street to the auto parts store for more and we were able to start back up again before anything fully set. At the end we were left with this.

Someday this will be a tile shower.  There is that drain in the middle, the floor is concrete and Jon put down some sort of weird sand concrete stuff to slope the floor to the drain then we have this water blocking layer of fiberglass. This ensures the water that gets through the tile goes to the drain and not down to the floor.

Once we were done Jon and I headed outside to let the place air out and to get some decent air in our lungs. The guy upstairs came out and said he was going to get a hotel because we had fumed him out. I think he ended up staying there but I’m not sure.

I headed home and took a shower but still smelled a bit. I’m still behind on sleep and fell asleep right away.

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2 Responses to no club but still meat

  1. The Mrs. says:

    Here is something with some ideas…..

    Hope that works.  I think most of you will enjoy it.

  2. Brian says:

    Chris, you always smell a little … it’s OK. 😉

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