Alaska Dinner

Peanut Heath and I all got home at the same time and got busy. Peanut took his blanket (baby turtle) and backpack and some toys to his room and started cleaning. Heath started cleaning up the house and I put the ingrediants for a lasagna together.

I greased a pan then put down a layer of noodles, then ricota cheese, then browned hamburger, then spegetti sauce, then italian blend cheese and repeat for 3 layers. I covered it in foil and tossed it in the oven for about an hour at 350. I helped Heath make a salad and before we were done our guests arived.

You saw baby Pheobe above with Peanut. She is Heath’s god daughter and the baby of Heath’s cousin Stephanie.

Stephanie is almost at the end of a month long visit to KC. She and her new husband Adam live in Alaska.

They were here to have a wedding reception and baptism and to visit relatives and friends.

When they arived Heath showed them around the house and we ended up fixing a few drinks and getting a game of doubles pool going. Everyone played pretty bad and the 1 game lasted a long time. We didn’t really care as we mostly were talking about eachothers lives.

After the game we moved upstairs and got the lasagna out of the oven. I thought the noodles were a little chewy but everyone else seemed to like it. The salad and rolls were good too. Probably my favorite part was the bottle of beer we opened.

Dinner took a long time and we ate slow and continued our discussions. Our guests had some great stories from their lives in Alaska. They live here: The map

In the middle of that map is a dark squigle that is Long Lake. They live on the shore in a cove on the north west part of the lake. North of the lake is a river that Adam traps along, across the lake is the driveway where the car is parked. So to go anywhere in the car they need to boat or snow mobile across the lake to the car. Of course parts of the year they need to walk the shore to get to the car. It seemed like it took several hours to drive anywhere for any kinds of supplies (food, gas, building supplies (Adam is a builder), and even liquor and beer).

So as you can imagine life is much different for them and Heath and I were very excited to hear about it. We talked through the bottle of beer and a bottle of wine, a few beers and most of a bottle of Brandy.

Peanut was in a show off for the guests and the baby mood. He built pizzas out of play dough and told crazy stories and counted to 10 in spanish. We took a little break to put him in bed and he was very well behaved because of talk of going to Crown Center tonight.

After Peanut was in bed we talked some more about hunting and fishing and catfish. We looked at a few pictures of catfish I had caught in the area and about what they catch up there. Adam is also a guid on guided tours for all sorts of animals up there.Eventually we calmed down and they left. Heath and I relaxed on the couch and watched the great season finally of Sons of Anarchy before going to bed.




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  1. pennsylvaniaboy says:

    Visited Alaska this past summer and found it to be a wonderful experience. Did the land and sea tour and was fortunate to see Mt McKinley so clearly. The picture you have up looks like the Mendenhall Glazier. I enjoy your blog Chris. Your Thanksgiving pictures were great – your mom, sisters and Matt look great. Stay well and say hello to your dad for me.

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