Checking in on Santa

Before we get into last night, while we are still at the top of the page I’d like to say I am really proud of Peanut for talking to Santa and smiling and being somewhat comfortable. Here are some pictures from the last few years.

Getting close to liking Santa, will look at him but needs a tight grip on mom.m737t 500300  05009   0000012301700170008902230003

Would not go near Santa, Mom gets him close then he turns into a sack of potatoes.

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Does not want anything to do with Santa even if he is in mom’s arms.

So last night we went to one of Peanut’s favorite places, Crown Center. All the pictures are up at

We know the drill by now and hurried down after work as quick as we could and headed directly to see Santa. There were a few other parents and kids around but we only had to wait behind 1 kid before getting to see Santa. Peanut got to play for a bit afterword but we rushed him out because we had a plan to see a movie at the AMC theaters there. After dashing around the mall for a while we discovered the theaters were gone.

This did not get us too down because that meant we could go eat dinner right away. We went to Fritz’s for burgers from the trains. Peanut was not quite ready to call in our order so Heath did.

The place was kinda empty when we showed up but filled up fast. They had recently renovated and gotten bigger and had more trains.

Shortly later our train came by with our dinner.

Peanut got chicken nuggets, fruit and apple juice, I got the quad burger and Heath got my favorite the the Gen Dare. (a burger with hash browns on it)

All of us enjoyed our dinner and had very greasy smiles on our faces after.

The gingerbread village had moved but was still very impressive and we got ideas about building our own house.

It was cool last night but not too cold so we let Peanut and us play on all the wood cars and trains and firetrucks.

We ran around untill we decided to check out the plaza lights and get ice cream.

Then we walked around the plaza. We went to the Apple Store and found Stooks working. We walked quite a ways looking at the lights and carriages but did not go into any more stores.

Then we headed home and made ice cream cones and put on pajamas. After Peanut was in bed Heath and I watched 1/2 of the 24 special that played a few weeks ago.


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4 Responses to Checking in on Santa

  1. TCB says:

    you looks happier than Peanut with Santa in the picture.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    But does anyone else see the upside down one?


  3. thePrewitt says:

    they all look normal to me but smugmug has been driving me nuts lately with rotating things wrong.

  4. Becky says:

    The one with Peanut on the phone is upside down for me.

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