Another Wall Bites the Dust

Well just a little dust so far.

I was not sure what to do when I got home so I made some wheat pizza dough and waited for Heath. We relaxed and watched tv then went to price chopper for a few necessary pizza ingredients. Well not normal pizza ingredients but for a new experiment.

I got a chicken breast and chopped it up mixed it with rosemary and cooked it in a pan. When it was close to ready I added a can of cream of mushroom, carrots, garlic, onion and green pepper.

While that was going on I was also rolling out pizza dough putting it in a pan and cooking it part of the way. Once it was ready i put the thick crust on a pan and dumped in my chicken veggy mix.

Then I topped it with a bunch of fresh brocoli and a nice thick layer of cheese and stuck it back in the oven. Once the cheese was all melted we pulled it out and sliced it up.

It was good but if i make it again I’ll probably not do deep dish. The wheat crust was really good but a bit overwhelming.

After dinner Heath and I got busy on our projects. Heath cleaned up the spare bedroom / office / storage room / scrap booking craft room.

and then started working on home made xmas cards.

While Heath created, I destroyed. The poor woodland deer didn’t stand a chance.

I got all the nails loose and the trim off and ceiling disconnected and even the drywall loose from the studs then cut out giant sections and pulled it off.

I made sure to cut the deer in one big chunk so they could be relocated or given as a housewarming gift.

It didn’t take long to get all the large chunks of drywall down and I was left with the studs.

I had to loosen them from the edges a bit and pry them loose then lower them to the wall

Then it was fairly easy to pop the top board off then loosen each stud from the floor board and take out all the nails and put the boards in the shop. I went ahead and put all the boards away, threw away the trash, stacked the drywall and swept up everything that was left. I was excited to see the new large room so I took down the plastic barrier and as a coincidence Heath came down right as I was done for the night.

It was pretty exciting and we examined all around the old wall making plans for the new walls that would go up and envisioned what we wanted to make the room look like.

There are more pictures from the basement wall here

It was a little after 9 and I was sweaty so quickly showered off then Heath and I relaxed on the couch and watched Hancock

We had Red Boxed it while at Price Chopper. It was fairly good and funny in parts. Kinda wierd at the end but worth a buck to watch and a good way to wind down after all the fun of nocking down a wall or making christmas cards.

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