Hide from the snow

So if you are in KC I bet you have a story about going home from work yesterday? I left 15 min early and my drive took about 10-15 minutes longer then normal. I saw some people sliding around but no wreaks. If you are not from KC we got an inch or so of snow that got real slick and caused lots of driving problems for folks.

Once home I got the fire going downstairs and went to check on Berry. He was going crazy sprinting and sliding all around the yard. We played ball for a while and he was so excited about chasing it down the hill. I stuck a roast in the oven and cleaned the kitchen and got some potatoes ready for dinner.

Heath took a long time to get home and had stories of roads closed and standstill traffic. While dinner was cooking Heath went back to work on her Christmas cards and I headed downstairs for some more basement destruction. The wall is all down so it was time to start on the ceiling.

I had ceiling tiles to take out, vents to remove, lights to take out, metal rails to come out and Ethernet cable to reroute. I started on ceiling tiles with no vents or lights in them. Then started on the lights and vents.

I cut the power and got all the lights out and wires caped and didn’t get shocked or hurt at all.

Then I dealt with the annoying thin metal frame stuff that hold the drop ceiling in. I was careful not to bend the pieces and undid each wire tie and pulled out each nail very carefully taking my time.

Then I missed one nail and didn’t realize and everything went terribly as it bent into a mess as I brought it down.

So I just wedged it into a corner and moved around the Ethernet cable and had my ceiling gone.

The ceiling has a few more things to move around and I’ll probably need to figure out where the lights will be and run wire for them and I want to move the vents around some. The close one in this picture will come out completely and come out from the side wall and the one in the back may be moved over about 6 inches

Then we can run some speaker wire and stuff and put in a drywall ceiling like most of the basement has. There will be this beam thing running down the middle with vents and a big metal I-beam in it but I think it will look good when done. It will be right a the top of this picture.

But it wasn’t done last night. I called it a day after this and went upstairs to eat. I kind of messed up dinner as the toaster was on broil instead of bake but it did not totally ruin the roast and after a bit of actual baking it was fairly good. I started a big fire upstairs and we opened a bottle of wine. After dinner we returned our red box and picked up my freshly sharpened chainsaw blades at Ace. Then we headed home and finished the wine and built up the fire. I played Super Mario Brothers and Wii Fit for a while as Heath worked more on her Christmas cards.

Then she came out and we bought Tetris Party online and played a few rounds of it with the controller and with the balance board.

It’s pretty cool and I think we will get our $12 worth out of it. You lean to make the block move and bounce slightly to make it rotate. There are tons of various tetris games in the package.

After getting a feal for tetris I was tired and went to bed.

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3 Responses to Hide from the snow

  1. Courtney says:

    We should totally do a pajama party sometime.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Those are not Heath’s PJs, that is Heath’s business suit she wears to work.

  3. The Mrs. says:

    Maybe that is why I haven’t gotten a raise in a while?

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