Frosty the giant snowman

I got Stephen and I stuck at work late and when I got home Heath and Peanut were in snowsuits playing in the snow.

I quickly put on some snow gear and joined in. We rolled 3 big balls and stacked them taller then Heath, Me, and even Peanut.

Of course we added stick arms, eyes and a big carrot nose.

The head was too big for any hats we had, and we didn’t have any scarfs, I tried a tire on Frosty the Giant’s head but he looked funny so we took it off.  We eventually decided on hair made from bush clippings and it looked fairly good on him.

We played in the snow until it started to thunder and the little bits of snow falling started getting wetter.

Then we moved into the backyard and did some sledding. I don’t have any pictures from this but we have a few videos I’ll have up in a little bit. This link should work in a bit We sled till it started to rain pretty good then we headed inside for dinner, hot coco (some w/ Bailys) and some more Xmas preperations.

We had Sloppy Joe’s for dinner w/ Asperagus and Tangerines. The Joe’s were really sloppy and I think most of our meat fell off the buns and were eaten w/ tortilla chips. After dinner we got out the paint and some wooden ornaments and frames and got Peanut to Make some of this christmas gifts.

Peanut did a good job painting. The first frame he did was really nice and ideally I would have had him do ones just like it for everyone on his list but painting gets old and he was less creative as he went.

Once the paint was put away and Peanut cleaned up we started wraping presents. Peanut and I wraped everything he got for people that didn’t need to be painted.

Then it was getting late so Peanut put on his pajamas and instead of desert we watched an old school episode of transformers in bed

Pops called and we got to talk to him for a while and wish him a Merry Christmas.

Then Peanut went to bed and I got back to wrapping. I wraped till the roll of paper was gone then got on running clothes and took Berry for a run to the creek and back. The side streats were slick but the creek and main streets were great for an evening run.

When I got home I made a bowl of ice cream and some blueberry muffins Heath had cooked up while Peanut and I were wrapping, then took a shower and fell asleep.

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