Bunnies and bats

When I got home from work Heath was in the office still working from home. I tried to go split some wood. I got through 2 logs before the extreme cold and wind made me decide I was not having fun and would work on something else.

I poked around the basement for a while making plans and getting some things ready for the ceiling install. Heath came down after a while and helped me get a board up in the ceiling then we got out my diagram and talked over the plans for where any electricity would need to be for lights or outlets.

We decided to try and move forward on the ceiling a bit quicker and try to get 3-4 feet in with drywall before new years. Right now there is a sleeping bag wall at the end of the ceiling that is supposed to keep the cold air from the storage area out of the main room and the warm air from the fire in. I’d like to have a bit more ceiling in before new years so I can move the sleeping bag wall back and add a layer of plastic.

We had a schedule to keep so did not do much but plan before we needed to get started on dinner. I had two monster deer steaks marinading in some beer and stuff and took them out and tossed them on the grill with Montreal Steak seasoning.

I pealed and cut up some sweet and yellow potatoes and cooked them up next to a pan of asparagus and shortly later we had plates of food in front of us.

Yeah, I told you the steaks were monsters.They were much better then we had expected for deer meat and we chowed down. I think I ate a bit more then 1/2 of mine and Heath a bit less then 1/2 before we were stuffed and needed to get going. We drove down to Grandview to Russ and Liz house. I had left my coat at the wedding and it had my warm gloves, hat and keys in it and they had it for me.

We visited for a bit then headed home and tried out one of the Christmas presents.

It’s a Wii game called Rayman Raving Rabbits and it’s full of mini games doing all sorts of stuff with the remote, steering wheel, numb chuck or balance board. For some reason both the pictures we took were of dancing games but we played a lot of non dancing games.

A little after 8 we grabbed some beers and headed over to Stephen and Becky’s house to break in his new media center with a screening of The Dark Night.

It had been a while since Stephen and Becky saw it and Heath and I had never seen it and all of us really enjoyed it. We were treated with great sound and picture and the 2.5 hour movie had me glued all the way to the end. Watching it was time well spent.


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