Christmas is almost over

It sure does not feel like a Friday but I am still looking forward to the weekend none the less. So Wednesday I got out of work a little early and got busy on the basement wall project I didn’t do much before KK showed up and Heath, him and I ran some errands. We went to Price Chopper for salad and beer and then to Home Depot for 12 by 4 ft pieces of drywall. I wish I had taken pictures of these boards on my truck. They were giant and somewhat fragile and heavy and looked destined for disaster on the truck.

Somehow we got them home and in the basement without breaking anything. Then we had a few beers and played the new Wii Rabbit game. Then we got ready for Christmas 5 at my uncles house and took some presents salad and beer and headed over there. We had a great spread of food and I filled 2 plates then went back for a 3rd of just rotel and chips.

Both my Grandparents were there and all their kids and all their children’s kids were there. Peanut was with his dad or else I could say and all the children kids kids were there too.

All the Cousins on my mom’s side

So we were all kinda wound up and did a few presents then the gag gift exchange that Christmas is all about. I had number 22, the highest and got to draw last so I stole the cooler tackle box thing.

Gramps with his gag Bling bling necklace and kung fu hamster.

Then we played some games and ping pong and families scooted out one by one untill we were all that was left. We watched a passionate game of ping pong then headed out. Once home we were kind of beat so sipped on one beer and watched some of Bourne Supremacy then went to bed.

Some epic/traditional ping pong

In the morning we headed strait over to my mom’s with Irish Cream Liquor, presents, Berry, and some firewood. We got some coffees and formed a circle and emptied the pile under the tree one by one. Everyone had decided to take it easy on gifts this year but it seemed like a ton of great stuff. I got a corded drill that is so helpful on the wall project already and a bunch of other great things.

KK’s gift cards and old theprewitt shirt

Matt’s new sweat shirt

Boyfriend Chris’ nicely wrapped gift

Mom’s surprising socks

Carri’s ornament

Kelly acting happy after only getting 1 good flower and one broke one

Heath and me opening a can of Vienna sausages and smoked oysters.

After all the presents were opened we all got busy in the kitchen and made big pans of eggs, ham, bacon, onions, green peppers, hash browns, oranges and cinnamon rolls. Then in the spirit of Christmas we stuffed our faces.

Once stuffed we declared Christmas 6 over and headed home. I’ve got a serious itch to have drywall on the beam by New Years so KK and I got back to work on it. We worked together really well to get all the cross beams installed. I told KK what I wanted to do and he jumped right in I was shocked at how well it went. I broke out the new drill and a new tape measure to make things easier. 

Once we had them all up we made some marks and such for future assistance with lights and drywall then cut the power to the whole house and moved 2 wires that were in the way. This was very easy because all we did was remove them then turn back on the power. We were sure they powered an upstairs bedroom or part of the basement or something but tested everything we could find and everything was working fine so we just left them disconnected.

Then we got ready for Christmas 7 and KK had enough and decided to head home. Heath and I packed up the beer and presents again and headed to Buckyrus KS to join a massive group of family in a church cafeteria. Heath’s 90something great Grandpa was the guest of honor. We talked, had a couple beers and exchanged a couple gifts then headed home.

Heath and Grandpa Vincent, the oldest in the family

When we got there a stylish Amanda was chilling under the eve smoking and standing in some big shiny black boots. We were all ready for snacks and drinks.  We had a few glasses of wine and some left over green bean casserole and some sandwiches then got after the salsa and the natty. My Aunt and Uncle gave us some salsa labeled Very Hot Lips and they were right, the stuff was borderline painful to eat until we added some black beans then it was perfect.

We broke out the Wii Rabit game again and played for hours taking breaks for random Christmas shots. At 11 Jon got back into town and joined in. He was sick and just played some Wii and took Amanda home a few hours later.

Then I went to bed

Some funny/precious xmas pictures up here

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