Middle of Holiday stuff

Almost done, Christmas #9 was last night and only 2 gifts left.

Right after work Stephen and Becky came by with a couple of Christmas gifts for Peanut. He opened them and then we worked together to put his new race track together. It was surprising that it took 4 adults and a 4 year old to get it together but the car was surprisingly fast once we got it together.

After we all played cars for a while Stephen and Becky went home and we got busy opening the stuff Santa had left at our house whlie Peanut was gone and opening other gifts people had given us for him while he was gone. 

Once everything was opened we cleaned up a bit so Peanut could have more room to make a mess and we played with the new stuff.

My mind was not on playing though. Sunday during basement work I had cut a cable I should not have and that was on my mind. I cut the coax cable our internet comes in on. Why did I do that you ask? Our basement/house is full of cables run by time warner and ones leftover from the previous dish folks. I thought I found all the TW cables together then a random one run alone I thought was Dish but it was not. So after just a little bit of playing I got busy coming up with a plan to restore cable. I headed downstairs and Peanut came with me.

He brought his batman cave and set it up on the pool table. He really likes playing or watching tv on top of the pool table. I got started by cleaning up the construction site.

We want to get the basement in decent shape for entertaining on New Years so I needed to get the tools, materials and trash out of there. We also decided to move the furniture around so the room would be set up as we intend it to be when done.

I got most of the room cleaned up and looked over to see how Peanut’s bat cave was doing.

We took a break and went to the kitchen for dinner. We had a big deer roast that sat in the crock pot all day w/ onions potatoes and carrots. It was awesome. Then I got Heath to come downstairs with us and help me move the drywall and put up a temporary light. Then we tried to rerun the cable and were not successful.

So I came up with a new plan and got the internet up so Heath could do some internet work. Then we read Peanut one of his new books and he went to bed. Heath worked on the computer and I continued to set up the basement getting everything working and staitend up.

We still need to vacume and move the plastic sheat and move a couple wires around but otherwise the basement is all ready for New Years. Tonight I plan to finnish up and get working on the burger preparation.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I can’t wait to see it tomorrow night!

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