Great Jog and more Progress then Expected

Right after work Stephen came by and he and Heath braced the piece of drywall in the ceiling and I unscrewed it so we could take it down. Then we helped him take a bunch of New Years leftover stuff home.

Then Heath and I put on our running clothes, still moist from the day before and headed back to Minor Park. We hit the trail again with possibly a faster pace then the day before. The ground was still really frozen and hard. We took a different fork in the path and went under a bridge and came out at the bottom of a hill that we got to zig zag our way up and down and around.

It was slightly later then the day before and closer to dusk so we saw some deer (or more like we saw Berry go nuts and start hauling his butt into the woods after some big white tail bouncing away). I estimate we jogged 2 or more miles in before turning around. The camel pack froze for the second time so I was just running with a partcially frozen bag of water on my back for no reason.

It was getting pretty dark when we got back into the car and Berry jumped into his kennel and we headed home with stomachs growling. We quickly made some ravioli, meatballs with some veggies and stuff.

After dinner I headed downstairs to the wall project.

So earlier in the evening we took the piece of drywall that was here off. Then I pulled off many of these 2x4s running across. They were not flush with the boards next to them and many were angled strange and I wanted to get these problems fixed early on. It seemed like it was going to be a real pain to do but turned out to go really well. The first time I put this all together I used nails and things would shift as I was hammering in different places. The second time I put it together I used screws and they held together much tighter and of course I was much more conscious of how they were fitting together.

A lot of what I did was not exciting to talk about like measuring and figuring out what wire will go where and how it will get there and where exactly each light will go and that sort of thing. I did get all the wire set up just right for the 3 lights in the beam and ran the line to the switch that will control them.

Heath came down for a bit and helped me with the water pipe running across the ceiling.

We added these little pieces of metal to hold the pipe into the notch I cut for it. This worked really well and as long as I don’t put a drywall screw through it we should be done with the pipe. I showed Heath where lights would have to go and then we decided where other lights should go.Then I ran wire to all these proposed spots and back to a light switch and close to the supply.

Then I started working on the outlet box in the backside of the beam that will probably power a second TV. I got the box partially installed and connected.

It was close to 10 so I called it a night and had Heath quickly assist me in moving and ethernet cable that ran into our closet and connected to nothing. We put it behind the dresser and connected it to our computer instead.

Then I showered, ate a sandwich and fell asleep.

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  1. Brian says:

    That looks good. On a similar note, the more outlets the better. You can hide them real easy, but it’s a bit harder to add them later (just my two cents).

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