Heath was learning to Sew all night so I got Crazy

Last night sounds pretty similar to a lot of my nights recently. I didn’t go for a run though I just went home and got busy in the basement right away. I’m not sure in what order I did everything exactly and some of my nights down there are starting to run together.

I know I did some work on the wiring last night but never had to cut the power. I cut and capped and labeled several wires getting them ready to connect to the power.

I know I did a lot of work inside the beam. I got my outlet there all done and ready to go and added the stuff to bring cable to the TV there and the wires to make it mirror whatever is on the main TV.

Before doing this I tested the two tvs and all the cable because I will be sad if I get it all up and find out that I have a bad cable in the ceiling somewhere.

I also moved the last of my internet and cable setup into the storage area so it will be out of the way for ceiling and wall construction.

I didn’t take a good picture but I cut out part of a wall. I was going to wait a while to do it but decided to do it early to help plan how to extend the wall.

Let me clarify. Here is a good before picture:

That wall next to the tv is kinda split, the bottom comes out far and the top goes back a little bit.

Eventually the top part will go all the way back to the wall going behind the bar where those lights are.

So I cut out the drywall from the edge of the wall to the other wall.

I also marked the ceiling where the lights would go after measuring and getting them all figured out to be in the right places.

As usual I did a lot of looking around and head scratching and figuring out what to do next.

After connecting everything to the power I will need to do something about the gaps between the ceiling and existing walls.

The walls only went to the top of the drop ceiling and now there is a gap between them and the real ceiling. In order for me to put up drywall I need to have something to screw it to so the wall needs to be longer.

I headed upstairs fairly sooner then normal as I was worn out and had a few other things to do. I got the trash and recycles collected and taken to the curb, I cooked and ate some dinner and replaced a door knob on our bedroom door.

There was nothing really wrong with our old door knob but we got a free one that was nicer and had a lock so I took the 10 minutes to put it in. The hardest part was taking the old one out. Just before 9 I was done and crashed on the couch to do some work on the computer an relax a bit before bed.


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3 Responses to Heath was learning to Sew all night so I got Crazy

  1. Courtney says:

    Seriously.  Can we have a sewing party sometime?

    Again, I’m not kidding.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    **Beware** – I’m still learning myself!!!

    Last night I made a really cool pillow – and it was easy.  So we can start with something like that.  I want to make a jean skirt next…and that might be alot harder…but we will see.  I’m thinking of just cutting a pair of jeans and sewing it together to make a skirt…. Let me know if you have any ideas!!!

  3. Brian says:

    Yes Please! Courtney needs a sewing buddy … I’ve been trying to get her to use her brand new sewing machine for years. 🙂

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