No Basement Project

It was a wild day at work and I didn’t think I would get out at a reasonable time but things got better near the end and I was only 5 minutes later then normal when it was all done. Once home I got the fire going and did NOT head over to the wall project. Heath and I did get our running clothes on and our camel pack and our Berry and head for the trails. (Side Note: I’ve been wearing the same running clothes for 3 runs or 12 miles and they are starting to get kinda fragrant)

We ran the same trail again because it is close and it still gets dark so darn early. There are a couple of forks and we took the one going along the creek and not under the bridge and up the hill. We tried to take several forks off it but mostly they just wound around a bit and headed to the river. Berry could not help jumping off the bank into the river at one of these turn around points but got out quickly and rejoined our run.  When we first showed up we were relieved that the ground was not totally frozen as it had been on our previous runs but after a while we realized that the wet mud was not any better.

It sticks to your feet making them heavy and is slick so you use extra muscles in your feet to maintain speed and balance.  Even after taking all the mini forks we still passed the place on the main trail we had run to the first time. We ran always further till we saw green marks on the trees off the side of the trail. My first thought was a marked trail then I realized it was paintball marks. We ran down near them and discovered a huge paintball arena with nice big trees and brush piles to hide behind and green and red blobs of paint everywhere. Someone has a really nice spot. We ran around the spot for a bit then turned around and headed back.

Once the sun starts to go down it gets dark and some spots in the woods are darker then others. There is a little river look out point close to the car and we took a break there on the way back.

I would guess we ran around 4.5 miles when it was all done.

I had some deer steak in a terriaki marinade bag at home and we were starving talking about hurrying to cook it up with vegetables and rice or noodles.  Somehow we changed our mind on the drive home and instead quickly took showers, gathered library books and cloth grocery bags.

We headed to the library and returned a bunch of books and almost didn’t go in but decided to and found 6 books we needed. Then we went to Aldi for Milk, Yogurt and Bread  and ended up with a cart of groceries, none of which were bread. Then we headed over to 75th street brewery.

We were seated right away and Heath got a couple of sample beers and I got a good stout. She ended up with some tipple sugar thing with honey and brown sugar and something else sweet in it. It was not bad and had 9.5% alcohol content. We got salads and Heath got a chicken pesto pasta thing and I got something called the drunken chicken. It’s a 1/2 chicken marinaded in beer then grilled with mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini. It was great. We decided to skip desert and I had a cow town wheat and Heath had the raspberry wheat. Both were really good too.

It was about 9pm before we got home. I restocked the fire then we crashed on the couch and watched the commercial free season premier of Damages.




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  1. Ge-off says:

    does anyone still watch Nip/Tuck?  I have it on my DVR but have not watched it yet.  I’m wondering if it is worth it.  Last season was pretty wierd and I lost some interest in the show.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    we have it on DVR but have not watched it yet. It’s not a priority show for sure but if I have time I’ll give it a few episodes.

  3. thePrewitt says:

    Help me out, Please. Those shoes at the top of the page are my nicest running shoes and the soles are not in bad shape but the material on the sides is torn. So they are fine to run in but don’t look nice. When I go to work I wear them, older tennis shoes w/ holes or current or old hiking boots. I have fancy shoes but don’t want to wear them to work all the time. So give me a recomendation something cheep to wear to work that looks ok and are comfy enough to run around the office or walk around the park across the street in.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    Maybe something like this?

    These are not cheep though $180. Whatever the Wal-Mart or Payless version is.

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