Tag team the basement

Brian followed me home from work last night.  First we got ready and then we got busy. I showed Brian what I was working on and asked a few questions about stuff. He got the room figured out and then we got started. There was just a little bit of wiring left to do and we came up with the best way to do it then got everything connected.

Brian assured me everything was safe with the messes of wires and then I put them together while he moved on to the next part of our project.

We need to add some wood to the side so there would be a place to screw the drywall along the edge. We put boards across and then a coupld of long ones down the whole wall.

In this picture you can see the boards running across the insulation we added and then the long ones running along the wall and insulation below them.

This part of the project was about done when Heath came downstairs to tell us dinner was ready. She had steamed some rice and stir fried a big pan of deer steak green peppers cabbage carrots etc. There was also some terriaki noodle stuff and a bottle of wine. It was really good and we chowed down.

After dinner Heath went to Stamp Club and Brian and I finnished the last of the project. Then we moved on to the fun stuff. We stuck a .22 shell in a little black tool then a nail and held it tight against a 2×4, pulled the trigger and …

BANG it fired the nail through the board and into the concrete. The first time was painful for our ears so I cut up a koozie and we stuffed the koozie chunks in our ears for protection. We worked our way all around the room every 2 feet putting up another 2×4 and blasting it into the concrete walls.

Here is a picture that shows before we added all the boards.

This took the rest of the night. We had to make a quick run to Home Depot for supplies but otherwise we were fighting curvy walls and warped boards to get all the 2x4s up.

Once we were done Heath came home and headed downstairs to see what all the noise was. We gave her some ear plugs and let her try it out.

Then we put the nails, gun and shells away and Brian headed home. I got cleaned up and went to bed.


By the Way: I’m heading to Jeff City Sunday to help with a remote broadcast on Monday from the Inaguration there so unlikely I will have a post up.

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