A Hot Dog Roast Inside

After work I split for 15 minutes then took a little warm up break then split for 2 minutes then Jon called and I talked to him for a while then I gave up on splitting and came in for the night. Once in we started to reorganize Peanuts room. We had his bed on the outside (cold wall)

and his bookshelf and dresser on the inside wall that buts up to the fireplace (warm wall). So Heath Peanut and I moved everything in the room around to fit in all his toys and furniture

and Peanut was not happy about the move at first but eventually he turned into a cat and spent most of the move purring inside his kitty house.

Shortly after the room rearrange Jon and Amanda and Stephen and Becky all came over. We kozzied up in the family room and broke out a crock pot of chili, hot dogs and all the toppings.

The fire was nothing special at first and it took a while to cook the dogs. It was a bit crowded but we made it work and cooked from both sides.

Some folks just had chili and others just had hot dogs but by the end I think most of both got eaten.

We hung out and watched wheel of fortune and Survivorman and then broke out the desserts. Stephen had cooked up some semi-homemade cookies that were tasty and we broke out the Smores supplies. My fav was a chocolate chip cookie topped with a roasted marshmallow then a cinnamon gram cracker, It was great.

We spent the entire evening watching tv, eating, drinking and watching/absorbing the fire.

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2 Responses to A Hot Dog Roast Inside

  1. Brian says:

    I  won’t say what exactly I found yummy…

  2. The Mrs. says:

    I’m gonna go a head and guess it was the big pile of meat?

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