So I tried something different for dinner last night. I got a box of Aldi brand Hamburger Helper for Beef Stroganoff. You are supposed to add some ground beef milk water and cook it up. I added some cubed deer steak, corn, carrots, broccoli, green beans, green peppers, garlic, Gouda cheese and milk instead. I liked it better then the normal stuff. Peanut picked out what veggies to add so he felt some ownership in the meal and tried it with out much coaxing. His first bite had a tough piece of steak so after that he ate around the meat but still cleaned his plate.

After dinner I got the house to myself. Heath went to the gym to work out and I guess they have a daycare setup for kids to play while their parents work out. Peanut came back with more sweat on him then Heath did and said it was a really good time and he made a friend named Zack.

So while they were gone I poured a glass of wine ran a hot bath and got a good book.

Ha just kidding, I headed downstairs and got busy. Stephen and Jon had assisted me in installing a piece of drywall on “the beam” the night before so I was excited to stab some lights in it.

I had all my wiring about done before hand and I knew exactly where I wanted the holes so I drew circles around the lights.

cut them out

Pulled wires through and attached them to the lights

and blammy the beam was lit up .

I don’t like the giant flood lights that are in it and plan to put in different bulbs when done but these are nice for a lot of light while working on the rest of the room.

Then I moved back to this wall

I put the top part back together and screwed everything in place so there is space to screw in the drywall for the wall and ceiling. I took out the long vertical board and cut it up to strengthen the horizontal boards.

My sawsall is a dud so I got Amish vibe going and cut the bottom out.

Then I added to the boards there soit is nice and flat all around the new wall. I have all the trim still to continue it along the missing parts and then you will never know the wall used to come out another foot or so.

Heath and Peanut came home after this and Peanut was in stall for bed mode so talked me into shooting the nail gun.

So we moved to this corner and after everyone putting in ear plugs, I added a board on the right side that Brian and I had missed.

Then Heath took a turn on the left side adding another board.

Then we all took showers and Peanut went to bed and Heath and I watched Damages then went to bed.

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    The 2nd meeting of the Kansas City City campers will meet this Saturday and take a 2 mile hike and camp out. If you are looking to join we are looking for new members.

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