Once I got home last night I started a few cups of rice in the cooker then put on some warm clothes and headed out front to work some logs over. Heath worked a little late so I got to split for quite a while before she showed up. When she got home I had her take a few pictures of me splitting a log.

If you look in this picture you can see all three of my mauls. After this log was done I got out my wedge and drove it into the log on the left with the gray maul at the bottom. It was a really tough piece of wood and after several hits the fiberglass shaft inside the metal head gave up and shattered. So I beat on the wedge for a while with big red there on the left.  This maul weighs at least twice my other ones and I barely got the wedge in before my arms gave up and I decided to head inside.

Heath and I decided to postpone dinner for a grocery trip.

We were totally out of all vegetables, milk, lunch meat, bread etc.  So had a full cart by the time we got out of there. We were not anywhere close to me $1 per item average but everything was healthy and there was no junk food so I didn’t mind.

Once home I fired up the grill and tossed on 2 steaks. We steamed some green beans, onions and pineapple on top of the rice and the steaks were really small so last minute I made a hot re fried bean dip.

While eating we got caught up on 24.

Over the last few days we have watched all 5 episodes of the new season and now are caught up with the story and willing to talk about it.

After dinner and 24 Heath did some cleaning/straitening up and played with our family pictures putting them in frames and displaying them. I headed to the basement for 1 hour of work.

It was 8 and late to get started and Heath wanted to watch Fringe so I set the hour time limit. I had two small tasks to work on.  First I cut the power to rewire two outlets.

This is the corner of the room and should be a small desk someday. I have an outlet on the floor and another above the desk. When I wired them I stuck everything in big boxes because that’s what I had but last night I traded them out for thin boxes that would fit behind the drywall once it is up.

Then I turned back on the power and tried out a cool new tool.

A drywall bit for my drill. This guy fits on the end of my drill and helps me to screw in my drywall. It prevents me from being a wimp and not getting the screw in far enough and prevents me from being a badass and screwing the screw all the way through the drywall. It took a little getting used to but works really good. I fixed many of the screws already up and put in tons more screws to make sure my drywall is good and tight and won’t sag.

I have 2 full sheets up and one partial sheet and I got 1 full sheet done before Jon and Amanda came walking down the hall. I took a break and showed off the new lights and demonstrated the use of the dimmer and we talked for a bit. Then we loaded up all their camping gear from the weekend and they headed out. Heath needed help hanging a couple pictures. I think it was these two.

Then I headed back downstairs and turned off the music and lights for the night. Then I took a shower and sat on the couch to watch Fringe with Heath before bed.


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6 Responses to Whak

  1. Stooks says:

    That overalls picture is classic.  Heath should be showing more skin, though.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Maybe I should watch last years final episode durring lunch to get ready. Lost is a show I never watch at home but keep up with on lunch breaks. Lately I have been watching Standoff durring lunch and I wish it had not gotten cancled or I had realized it was good 3 years ago.

  3. Brian says:

    I want that drywall bit .. bad.

  4. The Mrs. says:

    Family Photos!

  5. TCB says:

    I haven’t seen any episodes of 24 yet, so do not talk about it. Lost starts today. I cannot wait!!

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