A bit of fun but mostly cleaning

(picture not from yesterday, but a nice one at the trail)

After work I got ready for a run, got Berry ready for a run then waited for Heath to get home. I started picking stuff up around the house and getting things ready for dinner and even tried to spilt a bit of wood (it was too warm). Once Heath got home we headed to the trail. We didn’t go to our normal spot for running but went a bit farther to the other side of the river where we often hike. Most of this trail is on an old railroad bed so fairly flat and strait. However there is a stream to cross and a few twists and turns and ups and downs. I prefer a crazy trail but it was nice not to have sloppy mud everywhere like the other side we have been running on.

After the run I tossed a couple chicken breasts, marinated in salsa all day on the grill then added a pile of onion, green peppers, other peppers, and mushrooms to the grill. Heath tossed some lettuce and spinich, I toasted some tortillas then lined them with refried beans. We added some Mexican rice, tomatoes carrots and dressing and had some huge grilled chicken taco salads. Once we were stuffed we started working on the house.

Heath is having some little dinner party thing tomorrow with the girls from work and needed to get the house ready. We did bunches of boring cleaning stuff and a few things of note. I put together the 3rd and final wedding present lamp.

I built a rock cave for Phil the Catfish in his tank and spent 30 minutes or so in the basement.

I had quite a few more drywall screws to put in and got them all done. I probably put more in then I needed but the ceiling is on good.

Tonight I am going to avoid the Ladyfest and hide in the basement. If anyone is looking for something to do let me know and you can possibly talk me out of it or can help me begin the wall. It’s going to go in this corner and will connect those two walls, will be at an angle, will hold the fish tank, will hold the TV, will be awesome, and a lot of work.

The rest of the night we just showered, and got ready for bed. I played on the computer and watched Gangs of New York for a bit, Heath dusted the tops of doorways, checked the levelness of all the picture frames, cleaned out the insides of drawers and whatever else she could think of to work the cleany vibes out of her system.


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  1. thePrewitt says:

    Update on Jon and Amanda’s place

    “the”: Did you get inspected?

    Jon: Everything Passed! It is back to busting butt on it. I may need a hand hauling soem stuff on Saturday morning if you are free.


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