A Warm January Evening

I got an early start on my trail run last night. Heath had her own dinner deal so I came home got ready and Berry and headed out. It was unusually warm so instead of being the only one in the parking lot there were several people and cars around when we pulled up to Minor Park. Luckily once on the trail and running we only saw 2 people the whole time.

I replaced Heath with my old Garmin Forerunner. 

I stuck it on the back of my pack and told it to monitor my average pace, my mileage and my time running. Then Berry and I hauled down the trail. The trail was not bad in the beginning a little wet but not too bad but once we went under the road and got into the really hilly stuff it was either rock

wich I find really fun to run on, like a roller coaster but tough work or it was slop and little streams

which is tough work and not really fun. Your shoes get heavy and you slide around all over. We ran really fast and farther down this trail then we have been before and after 20 minutes I was beat and curious to check the GPS.

…1.6 miles…

I was kinda pissed, I was sure I had gone at least 2 miles and probably farther. Even Berry looked like he had run a long way really fast.

Then I started thinking about how the mud really slowed me down and how the GPS works. It takes a point every so often then computes how far and in what direction this point moved from the last point it took. This trail is not strait or flat, I am constantly turning, winding and going up and down and it’s likely the GPS does not trace all my twists and turns just right and just draws a strait line between each point. This works ok when running on a strait street or walking a trail but not as good when making lots of fast turns. 

That or I am just in worse shape then I imagined. Anyway Berry and I took it a little easier on the run out and I let him stop at a the river to swim and I took some pictures of the pink sky w/ the ice and snow the survived the 60 degree day.

We headed home and got Berry in the fence then headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for a 23oz Coors Light with Stooks.

We caught up and had a couple of these then headed home because we had not eaten dinner and didn’t want to spend all our monies. Once home I stopped in to check on Heath’s dinner then quickly made my escape to the basement.

I took some measurements, did some figuring, drew a few things on the floor then broke open a new box of screws and got the drills ready.

I cut two 4x4s 32inches long and the leftover turned out to be almost 32inches. then I put one little screw into each to a piece of plywood that was cut to the same size as the bottom of the fish tank. 

I flipped them over and matched the 4x4s to a 2×4 that would go on the ground and fit the posts into the squares I had drawn on the 2x4s. Then I attached 4 screws to each post. I flipped the whole thing over and got it into place. Heath’s guests left and she came down just in time to stand on the board where I asked and cover her ears.

We shot several nails through the 2×4 into the floor then removed my plywood guide.

Heath headed upstairs and got out the level and measuring tape and was pleased with everything. The floor is a little curvy but it didn’t seem to matter much yet. Then I got the piece on the left cut and fit into place where the existing wall will come out farther to meet the angled wall. I almost got started measuring and cutting for the beams that would come up from it but decided it was after 9 and I was filthy and had not eaten anything so I better get some dinner.

I ate and watched tv then showered and went to bed.



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