Getting Dirty and now Washing too

I left work a bit early on Friday to make up for working so much last weekend and Heath had to stay late for a meeting so I picked up Peanut from school and we had some fun. I picked him up during nap time and it was pretty funny waking him up in a sea of sleeping kids and then trying to find his stuff and get him and it out of there. He looked really thirsty after his nap and I was kinda thirsty so we stopped by Sonic for some $0.99 route 44 slushies.   Then we headed to the library and he picked out a pile of books and a couple CDs and I got a couple of new books for me. Then I was going to read and he was going to play with the legos and puzzles but the slushy made him have to pee really bad so we hurried to check out the books and get to the bathroom. We listened to songs about numbers on the way home and discovered one of the CDs came with a DVD so Peanut watched it while I cooked breakfast for dinner (Peanut’s choice).

After dinner we went to Cabelas and used some of our wedding gift card money. I got some sweet shoes and socks and Heath got some bargain cave jeans. Peanut switched out an xmas gift. Then we headed next door to Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Our washer has been dead for like 3 weeks or so and I have been looking at Craigslist but not settled on anything yet. We had pretty simple demands of a new washer.
Energy efficient, wash a big load, clean clothes.

We didn’t care about top or side load or what color or how loud it was. The plan was just to look them all over to know more about what to look for on Craigslist but we found one and fell in love with it.

We looked over the showroom a little comparing energy ratings and volumes of clothes it will wash. We found a few just over my budget and just under Heath’s budget that were fairly good size and not bad on energy either. Then we checked out the clearance room and found this guy. It was a Fisher and Paykel AquaSmart with no manual or box. It was marked down 50% because when it arrived the LCD control board was dead. They replaced it and gave the thing a checkup and sold it to us. It was slightly over both our budgets but had energy numbers far better then anything else we looked at.

We got home and got Peanut in bed and I cleaned out 2 junk washers and a dryer from the basement and a bunch of other things I’m going to stick on craigslist. I got some materials for the basement project straitened up then joined Heath in bed.

In the morning I got up and hauled the old washers to the garage then got Berry and headed to the trail.

The mud was frozen and covered in snow and hard but better then the sloppy stuff.

We ran 30 minutes or so then came home and ate leftover breakfast. Then Heath helped me get the new washer downstairs and I got it all connected. Then we took showers and met my mom, sister aunt, and cousin for lunch at Jose Peppers. After lunch we got a few things at Wal-mart like detergent and started doing load after load of laundry and the new guy did a great job. I was really surprised how poor my old washer really was.

At dinner time my sister and her dogs came over to play.

We had wine, salad, baked potatoes, asparagus and fried spoonbill.

We finally ate the spoonbill Kelly and her boyfriend Chris had caught last year. It was pretty tasty and the meat really tasted like a cross between chicken and catfish to me.

Then Heath headed out to a girls night out with friends from high school and Kelly Peanut and I played Wii all night and grilled Smores.

We stayed up late on a sugar high and slept in the next morning. Sunday we went to church with Heath’s mom and then she and Heath’s brother and sister came over so we cooked up a big delicious deer roast and some experimental macaroni. Both were great and we ate everything. Peanut asked me to cook another roast tomorrow. After lunch the kids watched Kung Fu Panda, the moms looked at pictures and talked and I headed to the basement to continue running loads of laundry and work on the wall project.

Once the movie was over everyone left and Peanut and Heath came downstairs to watch another movie and nap on the couch while I made loud noises on the other side of the plastic. I didn’t take pictures along the way but at the end I was left with this piece of the wall up.

It’s at a 45 degree angle to the other two walls and built to hold a 500lbs fish tank and a 32inch TV. The box at the top will eventually have the tv in it and the one in the middle will hold the fish tank. I still need to build the whole backside of it and get it super strong and sturdy but it is coming along and I am excited to see the room taking shape. I probably would have done some more on it but my wood supply is dangerously low and I am running out of scraps.

We had some nachos for dinner and watched some TV then all went to bed early.

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