Familly Trail Run

Heath and I both got out of work a little early. I had worked late the day before and was ready to get out. Once home we got running clothes and gear together and I set out some burgers and dogs and off we went. We headed to the 117th and Troost part of the trail instead of the usual spot to try to avoid the mud. It was 41 degrees when we got out there and I wore less clothes on a run then I have in a while but was weighed down way more then normal.

We tried out a jog with Peanut in the backpack. He weighs about 30lbs so it was like 1/2 of our typical backpacking hikes but we were jogging so it was tough. The weight was not bad but Peanuts legs had no where to go and would bounce and swing around too much so I held onto his ankles most of the time. He sometimes like the bouncing and would make noises to it and sometimes would ask me to not bounce as I ran so much. Garmin said we ran a mile and a half but I am guessing it was at least 2 by the time we went out and back.

We did stop for pictures a few times and walked while Peanut ate a couple cookies and we stopped to throw rocks at a piece of ice in the middle of the river for a while.

As it got dark it started to cool off and Peanut got cold so we hurried out. My stomach was growling so I was ready to get home too.

Once home I was planning on fireing up the grill but instead we decided to try out Heath’s Foreman Grill that had possibly not been used since college. I “grilled” up 3 burgers and 3 dogs and baked some fries and boiled some cabbage.

We ate all of everything then got Peanut in the shower/bath. He played submarine and other toys and had the tub filling up and the shower on at times. Once he was all clean and done playing we got his pajamas on then played Zelda on the couch some more. We read and ran around (as a wolf now) and talked to people and figured out how to advance in the game until bed time. 

Then Peanut brushed his teeth and went to bed.

I headed downstairs to put up the last bit of insulation we have and do some mental notes on what we need.
I get paid today so will likely take a $100 to the hardware store and get as many materials as I can.

Once the insulation was used up Heath and I watched some TV for a while then she headed to bed and I got Zelda going again. I thought I just liked playing it because Peanut was so into it but it’s pretty adictive when he is bed too. I may need to get a copy of my own if I’m not burnt out before I need to return it. I didn’t play too late before heading to bed myself.

I put up a few thousand more pictures on my smugmug page yesterday and hope to do the same today I also found these two videos from Peanut when he was 2. The three of us were really excited about them but I’m not sure if you guys will like them as much.

and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue9JYFxxKXg&feature=channel


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