Burning some super bowl calories

Well I got up yesterday morning an hour early and went for a run. Berry and I ran 4.3 miles on our trip to the creek and down to the hardware store and back. I was felling good and even though it was cold it was a good run. There was a little trouble when I got home and could not get in the house but luckily Heath came home from the gym shortly later and let me in.

So after work I followed a Craigslist add to Lake Quivera. A guy met me at the gate and led me through the sweet lake neighborhood to the house with a good amount of trees to take down. He was really interested in guys with big saws and mine was small so he didn’t let me get to work chopping up trees and instead pointed me to a pile of already cut stuff that he wanted gone. I would have preferred to cut my own and taken the best stuff but pulling up to a pile of red oak and tossing it in the truck was not to bad.

Actually I could not park right next to it so rolled a dolly down a rock walkway loaded it then pulled it up the walkway and tossed the logs in the truck. I got a few old logs that need to burn this year and the rest was freshly cut. I got some good normal rounds and a lot of weird too long ones or too short or forks that I’ll clean up some and make the best of.

It was a quick job and not too far away so I pleased with my load. Once home I unloaded into 4 piles,

1- small enough to burn but too fresh
2- need to be split
3- need to be cut with chain saw
4- old: ready to split and burn now

It was still light out so I got the maul and started swinging the old pile of rounds was quickly an old pile of firewood so I got out the wheelbarrow and hauled it all downstairs and scrounged up any of the other wood I left that was seasoned enough to burn. I had a bit under the canoe still and a bit in some random piles around the yard and some by the firepit in the back.

Once it was all stacked I was left with this mangy 1/2 cord of wood and 3 good big rounds to split that may burn well this year.

So after the warm weather that is coming I’m going to fire back up the wood stove and see how long it takes to eat a 1/2 cord of wood.

It was dark when the wood was taken care of and Heath was home and hungry so I headed in and assisted her with dinner. We were out of tortillas but had some good Mexican stuff so made a pot of rice and just topped it with a pan of steak, black beans, corn, green peppers, other peppers, onions, and enchilada sauce.

We watched 1/2 of House and gobbled up some big bowls of the stuff. My back and arms felt alright again and the sweat had dried so I headed to the basement to connect the rest of the walls and get them ready for drywall. I was really overwhelmed at first because nothing was strait or 90 degrees or 45 degrees and the floor slopes and the walls are strange and it all has to fit together along this last 2 feet of soon to be wall.

After a lot of use of the circular saw, hand saw and head scratching I got all the boards cut and put in.

I had to cut by hand a lot of crazy angles and cut outs to ensure that everything would fit together and I would have places for the drywall on the ceiling and wall to screw to.

I got it all fit together and secured and then added the beams between the floor and ceiling. Heath finished working on the computer in time to assist with the last beam and hear me vent about crazy angles and sloping floor.

So now we are left with this spot left to drywall

And from Friday’s Home Depot Trip I have left. This sheet of drywall and those 1 and a half  2x4s

It should work out alright untill I need to wrap the post in drywall and fill in the rest of the ceiling.

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