The Weekend in Topeka

Friday Heath and I picked up Peanut from school then picked up his cousin Jason then Headed to Heath’s mom’s house for pizza and lasagna from pizza hut. After dinner we went to watch Heath’s sister Jendra play basketball. After the game we drove home from Paola and got the boys in bed a bit late. Once they were in bed we got an old refridgerator and couch loaded in my truck then went to bed.

I got up at 6am Saturday and drove to Jon and Amanda’s Basement. I unloaded the couch and refrigerator then headed to their apartment. We carried load after load down a bunch of stairs and to our vehicles. Tony showed up shortly later and joined in the fun. We got 2 trucks a bronco and a focus loaded and then hauled them 1 by 1 to the basement and unloaded them.

These pics are from my cell so sorry about the quality.Above are the stairs down to the basement. Below is the view from the front door. You got the shop on the left and the living area on the right.

Once inside the living area you got the bathroom and a sweet shower on the left.

The kitchen/ living area is strait ahead

and as you turn right there will be the bed and laundry and stuff but it was not moved in when I took the pictures.

After our load from the apartment Derrick joined us and we got a load of heavy stuff from the shop. This was much tougher and took longer then the apartment. After unloading most of that load I had to get going so I rushed home and cleaned up then we were off.

Heath, Peanut, Jason and I got some McDonald’s for lunch and ate on the way to Topeka. At first we had this rush rush mindset from hurrying to move and get going so we could have plenty of time at the zoo.

But once we got going we realized the zoo was smaller and would easy to get to everything before close. After our Friends of the Zoo KC pass we all got in for $9 total.  We hit the rain forest exhibit early on then stayed outside for the rest of the great day.

The zoo was pretty good. They did not have a ton of animals but a decent amount and many of the good ones. Like the 3 tigers

The river otters

Everyones favorite the goats, and sheep

The two elephants

A couple of bald eagles

And people, the zoo was packed with people and the parking lot was full but we never really had to wait or fight off crowds for a look.

After the zoo we played at a really fun park across the street. The park had lots of giant concrete statues of zoo animals to play on.

After the park we headed to the hotel. We had not told the boys about the pool, they were just excited to spend the night in a hotel and have a sleep over party. Once we got to our room they took a look out the window and saw the pool and water slide and were so excited to check it out.

There were life guards to run the slide but they didn’t seem to care what we did so the kids could go on there own as long as we were near the bottom to help them when they hit the water or just give them a high five as they hit the water.

The slide was actually really fun and we were alone or sharing it with just a few kids the whole time.

It had some good twists and turns and you could really get going fast.

The pool seemed a little cool if you were not catching kids or running up to the slide and screaming the whole way down so when not on the slide we all liked to hang out in the hot tub next to it.

We swam the rest of the afternoon then got dinner and we all were exhausted and didn’t go back to the pool until the morning. Then we ate a quick breakfast and swam for a few more hours before checking out at noon and heading home.

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7 Responses to The Weekend in Topeka

  1. Ge-off says:

    Is that the old blue couch that used to be in my parent’s basement?

  2. thePrewitt says:

    Yeah i know i got it from you and it lived in my charlotte house for a while then moved with my to my current house, then I gave it to Amanda when she had an apartment on the plaza. Then it came back to my house and lived in the garage for a while, then moved downstairs into stooks old room when he moved out and now it is Jon and Amanda’s basement.

  3. Ge-off says:

    Wow, it’s a real trooper.  Just don’t let Strohm get close to it.  He might have an allergy attack since it was in my parent’s basement at one point.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    I’m sure everyone is thinking it so I’ll go ahead and say it. That goat Peanut is feeding is adorable. I bet it would make a great pet.

  5. The Mrs. says:

    Not allowed.

  6. thePrewitt says:

    Did you ever notice that Fruit Loops don’t exist.

    they are acutally Froot Loops.

    seems kinda gross now.

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