Housewarming Dinner for Jon and Amanda

So Jon and Amanda are officially Waldo Residents. Heath, Peanut and I headed over last night to bring them a housewarming dinner.
Heath ordered an Amazing Pizza from Papa Murphy’s.

Creamy garlic sauce, grilled chicken, crispy bacon, Roma tomatoes and onion mix. Garnished with Roma tomatoes and crispy bacon.

The pizza was 5 lbs of awesome. Before we headed over I put together a big salad and made up some pasta thing. I boiled some penne noodles and grilled some chicken. I put them together in a pot with cream of chicken soup, milk, cheese, other cheese, peas, carrots and corn, plus a bunch of spices. It was pretty tasty and I thought the pizza may not be enough so I made a bunch of pasta but we had plenty left over of both.

So we chilled in the basement and cooked the pizza and Peanut played and we talked about random stuff going on and we ate. Then we all topped things off with some valentines cup cakes. Then Heath Peanut and I  headed 5 blocks down the street to Aldi for our groceries.

It was a filled to the brim of the cart kind of trip and almost $100 bucks but most of that was fresh fruit and vegetables or frozen vegetables or other healthy good stuff. We got out 10 minutes before close just as a rush of customers were coming in.

Heath and I are really looking at replacing our kitchen table with this

We don’t have an extra $170 around right now but we both really like this and it would hold more people then our current kitchen table and take up less kitchen space. What do you guys think? YES or NO

We decided to think about it and did not get it yet.

So we headed home thinking about the table and the yummy food and getting Peanut in bed. Heath and I unloaded the bags and put stuff away while Peanut signed the last of his valentine cards and put on his pajamas. Then Stephen and Becky came by just before bed for a quick talk and to watch Peanut burn off cupcake energy before bed.

Once they left Peanut went to bed with a bit of a fight but fell asleep immediately. Heath and I watched some funny shows on our tiny TV  before heading to bed.

For those curious about the TV it is under a 1 yr Vizio warranty and a 2 year Costco warranty and we still have all the paperwork and stuff. It’s only 5 months or so old so somebody beside us will be fixing it. Vizio says they can send someone out for TVs that big but Costco is fairly convenient so we will see.

A possible foreshadow of my weekend…



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4 Responses to Housewarming Dinner for Jon and Amanda

  1. The Mrs. says:

    I like the walnut table.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    If possible to divert your eyes from the topless man filling glasses of jello shots  take a look at the cabinets. They seem close to the color or the Natural breakfast nook seen above.

  3. Courtney says:

    I think a corner kitchen table would be perfect and it seems like the colors match well enough.  My only question is how big is the table top?  The picture makes it seem kinda small.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    43×27 inches is fairly small. 4 people would probably fit but not a ton of pans of food and stuff like we typically have.

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