6 Month Aniversary for Heath and I today

Valentines Day and the weekend before our first 6 months married so Heath and I decided to get romantic and play with drywall mud.

I got started right after work in the basement looking for any holes that needed drywall and filling them.

When Heath got down she started on one end and filled in screw holes and then worked on puttting mesh tape between drywall and then mudding them together.

Heath and I worked hard most of Friday night. 

We got all the drywall but 1 little piece up and mud up on most of the screws and several of the intersections on the walls.

We didn’t stop for dinner till after 8 and then were fairly worn out and didn’t do much the rest of the evening. I worked in the basement again a bunch on Saturday morning and afternoon and then again Sunday morning but I’ll get all that out of the way now and just show the progress as it was this morning.

The far left of the room and ceiling:

The middle of the room:

And the far right of the room: (notice the saved piece of deer wall I used to cover the window)

So everything but part of the beam has 1 coat of mud on it. This week we will begin sanding and applying additional coats of mud. Besides Basement work, 3 trips to Home Depot and a good amount of wood splitting we had some fun.

Saturday afternoon Kentaro and Chiaki came over

Heath and I had no Valentines Plans and could not figure out what we were motivated to do. Luckily our friends were in town and decided to stay for dinner and keep us entertained.

I had 3 chicken breasts thawed in marinade that I was thinking of trying to use in some sort of expirimental chicken cordon blue but instead we decided to quickly toss togehter some shish cabobs

I also grilled some asparagus and steamed some rice and cabbage and Heath made some guacamole. We had a great feast.

Then we moved to the family room to play some wii. We made some really good mii characters for Kentaro and Chiaki and ended  up playing a bunch of different games late into the night.

Sunday I worked on basement and wood all morning and Heath went to church and Walmart then helped me make some awsome tacos. Tony and his newish girl friend came over to eat. Afterwords we were stuffed and ready for a nap but decided to get a hike in first.

We grabbed Berry and headed to the trail. It was muddy and would have been a rough run but was not bad for hiking. It was fairly warm and very sunny.

We hiked an hour in then sat down on a nice overlook rock for a few minutes then hiked the hour out.

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