We are having a Baby

No JokeIt’s True

First, I’ll give you all the details we have so far.
Heather is 8 weeks along.
It’s due date is September 27th but Heath is planning on keeping her legs crossed until at least October 1st because there are already a bunch of September birthdays in our families. Heath, Peanut and I are all hoping for a boy but will be extremely excited for anything.

We somewhat found out Saturday January 24th. Heath took a home test and there was a very faint little line. We went to Dr. Susan Mou 2 weeks later and after some blood work and lube and crazy tools and stuff she assured us that Heath was pregnant and everything was going great so far.

We told Peanut last Tuesday. We had talked about the possibility of having a baby some day several times so at first I think he thought that is all we were talking about at first. Then it sunk in that Momma was really pregnant and he was going to be a big brother. He gave the baby a hug in Mom’s stomach and talked about it the rest of the night. In the morning he asked Heath if she had the baby last night. The rest of the week he was full of excitement and questions and whenever he got to color there would be a baby in Momma’s tummy.

So once the basement project is done we may start on a Guest room -> Nursery transition. I think that is all the details available but we got a Dr apt once a month for a while then more and more frequent  for the next 7 months.

Back to last night: I was tired from not getting much sleep over the weekend and then staying up to late Sunday watching Survivorman Episodes. So I laid down to relax for 30minutes or so and Heath (who is always tired and will be for a few more weeks) joined me when she got home. I think she immediately fell asleep and I started feeling pretty good. So I snuck out and got Berry and went for a run. We headed down to the creek then to Wornal and back, about 3 miles in all.

Once home Heath was getting up and getting ready for a meeting. When she left I headed down stairs and started working in the basement. I started out by getting the plastic all up and secured good, then hung the rest of the corner bead and then put away everything in the bar and got the whole room ready for the coming dust storm. Once the room was ready there was an intense 60 minutes of sanding. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I was kind of dreading this step but was surprised it was so much easier down stairs on smooth surfaces compared to the popcorn ceiling I was dealing with upstairs. After an hour I had all the walls and ceiling beside the beam completely sanded.


The room was nothing but dust in the air and all over everything so I got out to let is settle. I made a bunch of phone calls until it calmed down in there. Then I came back and started to mud. I got a little more then 1 wall done when Heath came home.

I put away my stuff, took a quick shower then we were off to an Anniversary Chinese Buffet dinner. We had a coupon for one place but it didn’t look good so we went to a known good one at 75th and Wornal. It was like 8:30 by this point so we were starved and did some serious damage to the buffet and probably our health. After many plates of food we rested for a minute then headed home. I showed Heath the basement that looked almost the same as it did before but was smoother and covered in dust and showed Heath the sweet lights Stephen had loaned me to make things move visible while I worked. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we got ready for bed, watched House and fell asleep.

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7 Responses to We are having a Baby

  1. thePrewitt says:

    It’s Quarter Draw Night. I think Matt, Mike and Geoff are going to join me for a drink tonight. I’d love to see anyone else that wants to come. Also Heath will be drinking water and available to drive anyone that has too much.

  2. Ge-off says:

    Mike and I have a basketball game at 7:15, and we should get slaughtered so it might go pretty fast.  I’m planning on eating dinner at home after that and then heading to Ugly Joe’s in time for Quarter Draws.  I am excited, as this will be my first experience with Quarter Draw Night at Ugly Joe’s.

  3. Ding says:

    Congratulations  to you and H…if does happen to be a girl I am sure we will have some stuff to pass on as we are due April 3 right now.

  4. Ge-off says:

    I already said congrats to Chris on the phone last night, so Heath, this one is for you…  Congrats!!  I will be very excited to find out you have a boy on September 23rd and he is named after an usher in your wedding that shares the same birthday.

  5. The Mrs. says:

    I will keep that in mind….(hold out till October, hold out till OCTOBER!)

  6. Brian says:

    May your baby be a strong and masculine baby. 😉

  7. brotherjohn says:

    Girls are best!!!!!

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