Pictures have nothing to do with the post

Except for this one.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA It shows where our camera is. (on it’s way to Canon for repairs)

Last night started out with a wait. A guy from craigslist told me he would come pick up a washer and dryer from me and give me $50. So while waiting I got dinner cooking and cleaned the kitchen. Then I did a little sanding in the basement and then I did some talking on the phone. The guy was not early or on time or 30 minutes late so Heath and I gave up on the $50 and increased garage space and went for a run. It seems silly but we loaded Berry in the truck and drove less then a mile to the creek trail to run 4 miles.

It was a great night and way too warm for the sweatshirt I wore. We ran until dark then drove home with grumbling stomachs. Dinner warmed up quick and was pretty good. I ate quick then got busy in the basement. The evening was getting away from me already. I broke out the mud and started on one end and worked my way around the walls. Heath joined me and we got all the walls done in about an hour. Most of my time was spent on the angled wall where the tv will go. It took me forever to get it nice and smooth and uniform. I was not sure the best way to go about doing the strange angle but figured I would try this and worse case would need to scrape it off and restart.

Then Heath and I got cleaned up and dressed and headed to Ugly Joe’s.

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We found a table in the back and discovered the 20oz PBR draws were now a $1 each.

Shortly after my PBR and Heath’s water showed up Geoff and Stooks Joined us.

Then Mike was right behind them.HPIM0802.JPG


We talked for a bit and gave some baby celebration hugs.

Shortly later Amanda and Jon surprised me and came

And not too long after that Derrick and Bobbie came.

We did went through a bunch of glasses and talked a bunch about all sorts of things. Jon explained to me how I should have done the drywall corners so now I am expecting to need to start over with them but have my fingers crossed that the work I did will not crack.

I think we talked and drank and had fun till close to 11 before everyone settled up the tabs and got home to bed.

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12 Responses to Pictures have nothing to do with the post

  1. Ge-off says:

    I enjoyed my first Ugly Joe’s experience.  Seems like a great place to watch a sporting event because everywhere you look, there is a TV.

  2. Mistro says:

    Were you trying to find goofy pics of everyone or is that just what you stumbled upon first?

  3. thePrewitt says:

    Honestly it’s hard not to find goofy pics of you guys. I think you need to order a poster of that one of you.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    Look at this baby face and scary face


  5. Mistro says:

    OH SHIT!!!  I totally forgot about that dude on the right!!!  What was his name?  One memory of him is one night we were playing a drinking game at the table, with beer, and he decided to play with us, but he was going to drink shots of vodka.  Now i cant remember exactly what happened next but im pretty sure he choked on a shot and spit it out everywhere.  I also remember alot of weird noises coming from his room.

  6. The Mrs. says:

    is his real name, but I thik his mom called him Jason.

    Remember when Stooks did a show about him not putting toilet paper in the toilet, but instead in the trash can where it was discusting and stinky, and then he heard it and called in with some lame excuse about having a poor septic system when he was a kid?

    What a wierd-o.

  7. Mistro says:

    Stooks went on air and BTK heard him and called in?  I never heard this story.  I remember something about him not throwing his poopy TP in the toliet but instead the trash can though.  Hilarious.  Stooks and him are still friends, arent they?

  8. thePrewitt says:

    from this radio show. I’ll have to look for it and post it or maybe stooks has it up on his site somewhere? If not it should be.  KK had some classes in lawrence with him last year.

  9. Ge-off says:

    that we called him BTK.  Do you think he reads this blog?  

  10. Bun Clark says:

    Let’s hope not, I’d hate to hear the police found any of your bodies with used TP shoved in your mouth.

  11. The Mrs. says:

    I can’t stop laughing – and that is discusting!

  12. Stooks says:

    Jason didn’t call into the show, he left a comment on my blog after listening to the audio on my website (here).  

    Hey Stooks, This is Jason. The tiolet-paper-in-the-trash-can guy.

    I’d say I was offended, but to be honest I know it’s a bit weird. The house I grew up in wasn’t connected to the city sewers and the plumbing codes were different when it was built. We put our toilet paper in the toilet like normal people for a while, but this never plugged up the toilet less then three times a week. Finally it became a habit to just stick it in the trashcan and be done with it.

    Sorry to disappoint, but no sexual fetishes or mental-fecal fixations here. I just really don’t like it when toilets plug up and am willing to take steps against it.

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