Knock up your Wife and Everyone Wants to Eat


Once home last night I checked on the crock potKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I had started that morning then changed clothes, got Berry and headed to Minor park

It was cold out but not too bad and very sunny. I was surprised to see the street lined with cars as I pulled up and discovered like 50 guys starting a rugby practice. There was also a few cars on the other end near the trail. Berry and I had a good run. We kept a good pace up and went farther down the particular trail then we had gone before. The surface was nice, not much mud and not cold enough to be frozen and hard. The ground was nice and frozen. We came upon several walking love birds, a biker and a few other runners. I typically see no one on the trail so I fear good weather will force us to share the park again.

This was taken with my cell phone. It’s amazing how much a lot of light can help it take a decent picture. We ran past the paint ball area and a few minutes later were here. I have taken many pictures from the tops of these bluffs but never been to the bottom before . Here is the top from a November hike.

Berry and I stopped here to pee and to send Kevin a text message then turned around and ran back. Practice was still going on when I got to the truck and Berry and I hurried home to start on dinner. Heath was worn out so came home from work and went to sleep. I let her nap and checked in on my roast again then made some pudding and stuck some fruit in it for desert. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

And I cut up some fresh broccoli and warmed it in a pan with a layer of cheese on top. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Heath was still sleeping pretty good and Kevin was still on his way so I broke out the Wii and played some Super Mario Brothers untill Kevin showed up. Once he got there we put his 12pack of High Life and a bottle of sparkling cider in the fridge and cracked a couple beers as we looked over the basement project.

After I had shown him everything and described what I still wanted to do we headed upstairs and Heath was up. We talked for a bit then broke out the food. As I had hoped I opened the lid and grabed the bone in the middle of the roast and the meat all fell off it. Berry got the bone and we chowed down on everything else in the pot. We had not seen much of Kevin lately and had a lot of catching up to do. Kevin is a busy guy balancing school and work and we took advantage by hanging out at the dinner table talking drinking our respective beverages and looking at some pictures from years ago.

Kevin headed home a little after 10 and we headed to bed shortly later.

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  1. thePrewitt says:

    New Control Board and Power Supply and our TV is fixed. The swollen compacitor strikes again.

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