Different Parks and Other Stuff


When we got home from work Friday evening it was the warmest outside it was going to be all weekend so we tossed Berry and a bike into the the truck and went to the park.  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Peanut wanted to climb a tree when we first got there and so he did and Heath got into a picture taking mood and I tried to keep Berry near the wood in case he needed the bathroom. Once Peanut was done on the tree we hiked on some winding forking trails through the woods there.  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

After the nature hike Peanut rode his bike around the loop and went crazy fast unless heath was taking his picture or I was tightening his training wheel.


Finally we spent some time playing on the playground. We had been holding out on the playground in hopes that more kids would take advantage of the warm weather and come to play but it was mostly dogs at the park and a few kids that were not close in age to Peanut. So Heath became his playmate. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Once home I cooked us up a big pizza and we watched a Batman Cartoon and ate it. Then we went to Walmart for some supplies we would need for a party on Saturday. We got home kinda late and Peanut and Heath went to bed. I played Wii a bit then went to bed too.

We got up early on Saturday and went to a birthday party for twin girls in Peanut’s class. It was at a place at the Great Mall in Olathe called Monkey business. There were a bunch of moon walk things and all sorts of great playground type stuff and like 30 kids sprinting, jumping and yelling. It was a different way to start the day. The kids burnt off tons of energy then crowded around some tables to eat donuts and fruit while the girls opened a huge pile of barbies and crayons and stuff.

Afterwords we made Peanut lay down on the couch and watch Wall-E. It was hard for me not to get sucked into watching the movie a 3rd time but I really had to get stuff ready.

Heath and I got cocktail wieners and dip and lemon aid and tea ready for another party and did a few other things around the house and made Peanut eat a sandwich and some fruit.

Then we headed to my mom’s house to give my sister Carri a going away party.

There was a huge turnout of friends and family at the party and we got many of the cousins on one side rounded up for a group shot. 

We stayed at the party a long time eating and talking and saying goodbye to Carri. (i”ll tell you where she is going in tomorrows post after she comes over tonight).

Once home Heath and Peanut laid down and fell fast asleep. I headed downstairs to sand. I sanded and sanded and sanded and eventually got all the walls and ceiling smooth and ready for another coat of drywall. Other then the problem areas this will be the last coat I need to add. After sanding I showered and cleaned up the house some and let the sleepers sleep pretty late. I eventually got them up started a fire and then Kelly and Chris came over.

We spent the whole night on thier wii downloading new games playing them and playing some of our existing games and eating leftovers from the party.

It was fun and late when they went home and we went to bed.

In the morning I got up and cooked scrambled eggs with lots of stuff in them then we bundled up and headed to the dog park. We hiked a bunch then went to the lake to let the dogs swim and play then hiked a bunch more. We even went to my old eagle scout project trail and hiked it. Then we headed home and ate some lunch. After lunch Peanut and I played some more wii then all 3 of us got busy cleaning. Peanut worked on his room, Heath on laundry and me on the kitchen.

Peanut’s room became a major reorganization project and many of his toys got retired or benched for a while so he can focus on what is left then swap them around so he has new things to play with all the time. Being 4 he acquires way too many toys during holidays and birthdays and there is just too much for him to play with.

Eventually Peanut ended up watching a Batman movie (the one with poison ivy) on the pool table while I applied mud to the basement room. Heath was putting toys in a tub to hide in the basement for a few months.

I got a coat on the walls for the most part but only did one side of each corner and I got a little bit of the beam done before deciding it was too late and I was too sick of mudding to move on to the rest of the beam and ceiling. So Peanut hoped in the tub and I cooked up a quick dinner of random stuff. We had some steak cut up real small in rice and cheese and broccoli in one pan and some kidney beans and spices in another pan and bananas on  the side. We watched a little bit of Son of the Mask during and after dinner but it was awful and we were ready for bed once Peanut’s plate was empty.

So he brushed his teeth and read a story then went to bed. Heath and I showered then watched Damages and went to bed early.


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  1. Stooks says:

    Peanut’s Oscar the Grouch fleece is badass.  

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