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24 Night with a new dish and leftover basement stuff

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Some Crazy Angles

Brian asked me to name my post the angle we came up for the crown above the TV… …but I didn’t remember to write it down so I’m just posting a picture of the angle


Familly Movie Night

in the basement

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My back is stiff today

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Spring was here

Our new yellow flowers are not going to like the cold weather that is coming.


You will never guess why Peanut is so excited

Well, I guess you might if you look behind him.

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Spoonbill Weekend

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About Done Buying a New Truck

I know you have seen the pictures already but I have not taken any new ones.


My Sister Carri is Officially Sister Carri

Your lucky day a double post. I just saw the update on the nuns blog, Carri is the newest postulant in the order.

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Say goodbye to the pontoon

Jon and I are getting together tonight to cut it into little pieces and prepare it for the salvage yard. If you want a 24ft pontoon let me know ASAP.

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