So many random things


I called in sick from work and the site Friday so didn’t up date you on Thursdays activities and this weekend we did several different things.  Thursday Heath and I went to a store called the ReStore. It was awesome. They sell new and used building supplies. I had a big list of stuff we needed and we didn’t find everything we needed but what we did find was cheep. Trim boards that I expected to pay $2-$3 per foot were $2-$3 per board.

We also found some nice new carpet that we may end up getting to cover the floor until we save up for a good floor and somehow Heath talked me into a giant mirror for $18 that barely fits in the cab.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thursday night Jon called and wanted to enjoy the weather on the deck. He was brining beer and steaks so we had to agree. Pancake Amanda and Mark joined us.

Friday night I did a bit of truck shopping and then Peanut and I joined Heath at her pregnancy Dr. appointment. Heath had not changed much from the last visit but the baby had grown from teeny tiny to just tiny. We got to take a little peak at the guy/gall on this monitor in the background and Peanut was excited to see them jumping around a bunch.

Baby and Momma needed a hug.

Then we headed to my mom’s house for another going away party for Carri and a pretend birthday thing that I did not quite understand.

The rest of the weekend was fairly random we ate and slept and spent a lot of time dealing with this guy.

(I was thinking about the truck but I spent a lot of time with Peanut too)

It’s an 01 Nissan Frontier that I like. Heath and I drove it a bunch and Jon did a little mechanical inspection and it may replace the Ranger. I gave the dealership a 1/2 page of things I want changed/fixed and they are going to do them then I’ll reinspect.


4 Wheel Drive
4 Doors
Big baby approved back seat
Leather Seats
Manual Transmission
Smaller more efficient motor



Tiny Bed (1ft smaller then Ranger)
They will not agree to let me come visit the Ranger whenever I miss it.

Last night we had our first big dinner at the new little kitchen table and it worked good. We had tacos and there was several pans of food plus our plates and it was enough room but small enough that we could get to the toppings we wanted.


We also got out taxes done this weekend thanks to Stooks’ dad and are looking forward to a heafty refund.

And of course I worked on the basement project. I had lots of new trim boards to prime and paint. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I did some more wall painting and I started work on the shelves next to the TV. They are crazy shelves for several reasons.



The floor is not level, the pillar is slanted the walls bow and it fits in a corner next to the TV and fishtank that comes out at a strange angle. My poor brian was overwhellemed for a while but last night I started to make progress and finally have a plan.


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4 Responses to So many random things

  1. thePrewitt says:

    Right pic was with my old Canon and left is with the new Olympus.  I think the Canon takes better pics above water. I’m also surprised at how much paler Heath is. Not sure if that is the camera or the baby is stealing all her melanin.

    Peanut and I are disapointed her stomach is the same size, we are ready for some proof.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    WE NEED PROOF… O- Umm, I mean there is a baby in there, I promise!  I do like looking more tan though, so maybe we better use the repaired cannon next time, or turn the flash off the Olympus?

    And I think you got the camera’s mixed up.  We took the 7 wk one with the Cannon, and the 10 week one with the Olympus.  Silly Boy.

  3. Brian says:

    Heath’s mood has also changed in the last 3 weeks- she looks downright grumpy now!

  4. TCB says:

    words”10 weeks” atacked on picture is much bigger than “7 weeks”. I wonder how much bigger it ‘s gonna get when a baby comes.

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