An Evening with a Test Baby

Baby Joe came over to playOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Luckily for us he brought Ben and Allie with him.

It started with food prep for me though. Sunday night I put together dough ingredients and mixed them then let them grow.

Then I rolled it out and cut 5 big circles out of the dough. I spread some cream cheese on the circles.

Then added home made pizza sauce and peperoni, sausage, ham, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, pineapple and cheese.


Then rolled them over and just before our guests arrived I tossed them in the oven.


After work we made the beds and calzones and cleaned up a bit then broke out the memory card game.


Peanut caught on really quick and had a lot of fun with this game. We played several rounds and typically we all got almost the same number of matches. Heath and I were well prepared after playing a lot of Super Mario 3 lately.

Then our guests arrived. They had never been to our house but Ben is familiar with it from the site. We got to do the new house tour stuff and the basement project tour stuff.

Peanut was excited to have fun guests over and immediately went into show off mode. This means running all over, hiding and falling down a lot. He was very interested in Joe and very caring with him but he was so excited it had me and Heath worried he would not be careful enough. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I don’t know how many times I reminded him to be gentle. Joe was just as interested in Peanut, his eyes followed Peanut around the room and he laughed whenever Peanut was close to him. He did not understand the gentle play either, but Peanut didn’t mind.


We played and ate calzones and played some more. Peanut was all about Mario Cart so we played a bit before Ben and Allie took Joe home for bed.

Then we got Peanut ready for bed and he and Heath played another game of Wii or two before getting Peanut in bed. Once he was in bed I headed downstairs and did a bit of touch up painting, added one board to the shelves and messed with the corner TV mount. I discovered a way to make it more sturdy and ended up taking the TV out of it.

Most of what I need to work on involves power tools and I can’t use them while Peanut is in bed so I called it a night shortly later and talked Heath into starting a new TV show.

Well new to us but it’s 2nd season started Sunday. Neither of us had ever seen an episode but we have heard good things. So we went to the bedroom and found free streams on the computer for all of season 1 and got started.

We watched the pilot and then part of the 2nd episode. The quality was not great but it was free and commercial free and it never stopped to buffer or anything.

The part we watched was not amazing but it did get better and better as it went along. I am excited to see what happens next.


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