New Shoe Review


It has kind of been a while since I went on a trail run. I guess the weather got too nice or we invited too many people to dinner or something. I got dinner ready first thing yesterday morning. I grabed a large chunk of deer meat tossed it in the crock pot with potatoes carrots onion and spices and left if cooking on low all day.

So after work I got dressed and put on these shoes and headed to the Blue River Trail. The shoes are a hand me down from a friend at KCUR so they are slightly used. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The brand is Keen and they are made for trail running, cold wet trail running. They seem to be well insulated and are waterproof plus they have good treads and screws in the bottom.
(not my shoes but the same kinda screws)

Yesterday was probably the muddiest I have ever seen the trail and the fullest I have seen the river on a run. The path was really muddy and had standing water on it in several places. The shoes did great in the mud. I usually slip and slide all over but I stuck to the trail pretty well. Also my feet were hot and dry. Eventually the trail leads to this stream. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Usually you can walk across on some rocks just above the surface but they were all underwater last night so Berry and I went around and crossed on a busy street and it was not cool at all. We followed the side of the river for a while and stopped at the point across from the blufs OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then I took the picture at the top of the post of my shoes and we turned around. The run back felt a little slicker but still way better then my smooth bottom old tennis shoes. When we came to the stream I looked around for a better way across at first but it was deep everywhere so I decided to see how warm the shoes were when they were full of water. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
(SPOILER: last known picture of my beard at it’s thickest this season)

The water was cold and came up way over the tops of the shoes. It was cold at first but my feat were busy and did not feel cold long. When we got back to the truck my shoes were still fairly clean from the dip.

So I like the shoes, they are really cool. I am guessing my feat will really sweat in the summer though. But wet spring runs and cold runs will rock.

While I was at the trail Peanut and Heath were at the library getting new books. They were still there when I got home so I started working in the basement for a bit. Then when they got home I helped carry in books then we ate the roast. I usually use BBQ sauce but instead used Garlic and Herb marinade and it worked really good. Peanut ate slow but cleaned his plate. I ate too fast and had to many additional helpings.

After dinner I worked on the basement coming up every once in a while to check on the art project that took over the kitchen table. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Peanut and Heath decided they needed new bookmarks to go with all the new books. They stamped and played with stickers and drew with markers and cut out shapes and stuff.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m pretty sure they had more fun then their faces show.

I was mostly working on the shelves for the DVD player, DVR, maybe VCR, Receiver, DVDs and who knows what else. These shelves have been really tricky as they are not rectangular but some sort of odd 5 sided uneven shape. The good shelve wood I got was expensive so I learned on old scraps I have. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I made a lot of test ones and once I got it right I used the one on the left as a guide to draw more like it on the good wood.  I got the sides and back and support for the shelves done so I need to cut out a bunch of good shelves and put in the pieces they will rest on. More to come.

After we read Peanut books and got him ready for bed I had to be done cutting for the night but I worked on getting my shelves drawn out so they would be ready to cut and then I messed with the TV mount in the corner. I took it down and made two adjustments. I set it to not lean forward and I made the base wider. This made the whole thing a lot more stable and I feel lots better about it now. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then I took a shower and got out my beard trimmer. I usually trim with a 2 guard but was feeling like mixing things up so used a 1 guard and went for the Gregory House look.


Boy, we both have pretty eyes and scruffy beards.

After the beard trim I got ready for bed and Heath and I watched all of episode 2 and most of episode 3 of Breaking Bad.

Then went to bed.

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