building and bar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s the only picture I took. I did it this morning when I realized I had no pictures from last night. I did a lot of measuring, drawing and cutting last night. I now have 8 shelves and 24 shelve holding boards. I have not decided if I will need more or not but that was about all the wood I have.

Shelve     Items
1              DVR Box
2              DVD/VCR Box
3              Stereo Reciever
4              Wii, games, DVDs
5              more DVDs
6              more DVDs and VHS tapes
7              Large shelf for Wii mote charger
8              Very Large shelf on bottom for wii accessories and other stuff

I’ve done some rough measuring and I think this is how it will work out.

I did get started cutting right away after work then took a break when Heath and Peanut got home. We cooked some spinich ravioli stuff w/ tomatoe sauce and breaded and baked some chicken strips.

It was pretty good but not real filling. After dinner we cleaned up a bit then Peanut and Heath played computer games and I worked more on the shelves. I got several phone calls.

First the truck selling guy called and left 2 messages OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

They expect to have all the repairs I asked for done by Friday night and want me to come back in and check it out.

Jon also called and was in need to get away from his basement projects and go out for a drink or two. So I wraped things up a bit before 8. I helped Peanut get dried off from his bath and assisted getting his pajamas on.

Then I picked Jon up and headed to Waldo

We got to Lew’s and were pleased to find $1.75 domestic draws. We got into some serious talk about engines big and small and a product Jon wants to build some day. After a few drinks we tabbed out and headed toward home.

We got close to Jon’s house but not all the way before we stopped. We pulled into Tommy Farha’s for another drink.
Of course we discovered we should have been here, a block from Jon’s house all night. they had $1 draws on Wednesday and a good crowd of interesting people. Jon and my conversation moved from inventions and engines to the truck I’m looking at and our wall projects.

He eventually walked around the corner to his place and I headed home. I was tired and went right to bed.


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4 Responses to building and bar

  1. The Mrs. says:

    So for all of those of you that are interested in my site, Please check it out, as I have updated it.  Thanks.

  2. Courtney says:

    I would have been reading your site a long time ago.  It has now been added to my reader.

  3. Brian says:

    Yeah, what the hell … you just tell us now?!

  4. The Mrs. says:

    It is great to have such supportive friends!  Thanks guys!

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