My Sister Carri is Officially Sister Carri

Your lucky day a double post.

I just saw the update on the nuns blog, Carri is the newest postulant in the order.

I have not heard all the crazy details from her, or my mom yet so I’m just going to repost the pictures from the site and rephrase what I read and heard before they left.

So Carri, my mom, my cousin Sara and 12 of Carri’s friends took spring break as an opertunity to borrow a 15 passenger car and another rental car and drive from Pittsburg to Kansas City then a windy route to New Jersey.

They stopped at lots of religious landmarks and stayed in convents for free all along the way. It sounded like it was going to be quite an adventure.

I don’t know much more then that yet. There was a bunch of ceremonies and stuff and aparently she starts wearing the blue dress thing and veil now. I’m guessing in a few years she will switch it out for a white or cream one.

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