Say goodbye to the pontoon

Jon and I are getting together tonight to cut it into little pieces and prepare it for the salvage yard.

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If you want a 24ft pontoon let me know ASAP.

When I got home from work I did not even go inside before hopping in my truck and driving to Olathe. Heath met me there and we talked to our used car dealer guy about the possibility of trading in her Vue for the Frontier.

After a lot of numbers and figuring we decided against this plan and went back to the original plan of Ranger for Frontier. We filled some sort of price agreement document and then faxed that to Heath’s credit union so they can get us a check and then when we get the check we can go in and work on the actual contract. It sounds like the check should be ready today and if so the truck may be ready on Friday.

I headed home after this and worked in the basement. Heath headed to her friend Julies house. When Heath arrived home I took a break to cook a very late dinner. She told me Julie’s husband want’s to buy the Ranger. This complicates things further with the dealership and check but worth it to help out a friend. So it is likely everything will get mixed up again today with the truck purchase.

I grilled up some salmon and fried up some sweet potatoes and garlic and we had steamed rice and broccoli. It took less then 20 minutes to prepare and less then 20 minutes to eat and I was back in the basement. For the most part I was working on electricity again. I did all the stuff on the inside of the room weeks ago but the plugs for the tv refrigerator and everything was just stretched over extension cords behind the wall and not permanent or very good.

I moved 2 outlets back there from back by the storage shelves to the new wall.

Here are the new outlets:

The first one is not terribly useful at the moment but I think I will end up running my switch through it and put a shelf beside it. The second one is right behind the TV and with a surge suppressor should be great for all the electronics and fish stuff.

Once all the wiring was done and tested and cleaned up I moved back inside the new room and got out the paint. I gave everything a nice coat of new white paint. It looks even better then before but still may need a bit more work.

It’s hard to tell from the pics but that coat of paint made them look a lot better then they did when I started.

I also gave all the shelves another coat of paint before cleaning up for the night.

I had gotten into some insulation while wiring so needed a shower and then hopped in bed to watch the 5th episode of Breaking Bad and then fall asleep.



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