About Done Buying a New Truck

I know you have seen the pictures already but I have not taken any new ones.

There are a few pictures I have not used up here:


but I imagine they will be coming down soon as the truck is SOLD!

Once again I drove to Olathe strait from work. Heath had our check from the credit union signed filled out and ready to go. I assumed we would sign the paperwork fill some stuff out and get out. I was very wrong. It was after 7:30 before I got home. First we waited forever when we showed up and I don’t know why, then I had to argue discuss about a bunch of repair stuff untill Heath and the dealers got me comfortable. Then the printers went down and we waited for them to fix them.

Eventually they gave up on the printers and Heath and I headed out to get dinner while they hand wrote out all the paperwork.

I usually don’t go to Olathe very often so I wanted my dinner there to be someplace I don’t usually have access to so we tried out. Five Guys burgers and fries.

I have heard good things from many sources so was excited to check it out and very hungry. The menu is pretty simple you have 4 choices available in regular or little.
bacon burger
bacon cheeseburger.

I went all out and got the bacon cheeseburger and Heath got the little cheeseburger. We split fries (there are a ton of fries in a regular order) and a drink and our total was $14.

There were two unique things. 1st they have a huge list of toppings available and you can go through the list and decided what all you want on your burger. I got all the standard stuff plus jalapenos and Heath got all the standard stuff but raw onions instead of grilled. 2nd they have giant boxes of peanuts everywhere and encourage you to eat peanuts while waiting for them to prepare your order. I’ve been in a peanut mood lately and was starving so this was nice and kept me entertained during the short wait.

Then they called our number and this guy came out.


The regular order is almost 1/2 lbs and is pretty tall with all the stuff on it and like I said a split order of fries is plenty for two.


I like the fries in a cup and the burger wrapped in foil. The burger was very tasty and I am kinda craving another one this morning while thinking back. I was too hungry and ate way to fast to really enjoy the tastes but what did touch my tongue was good.

Dinner was rushed and we hurried back to the dealership as soon as the food was gone. Once there we had the experience I expected to have at 4:30 we showed up signed next to all the little Xs and hit the road.

Heath has to make the last trip there on her own to turn in the ranger and pick up the frontier this afternoon and then we should be done with the whole truck buying process for a little while.

Once home I found Jon working on the pontoon. Remember yesterday I had planned to spend the day outside in the sun cutting aluminum and unbolting steal. Instead Jon got to work on the pontoon alone and I got stuck sitting in a small office watching a guy talk to tech support about his printer. I got there just in time to help load some stuff in the Bronco before the sun went down. Jon and I hung out in the basement and talked about buying cars and dealerships and all sorts of random stuff while we had a few beers. Heath and Amanda had been hanging at the park and came home and joined us.

The 4 of us talked it up past my bed time. It was fun but prevented me from getting my Ranger ready to leave, getting more paint up in the basement and prevented us from packing for the weekend.

Hopefully Monday I will have a picture like this to post.

Heath, Peanut and I are joining Kelly and Chris on a spoonbill fishing trip at the Lake of the Ozarks. So wish us luck and if we do well enough we will have a fish fry sometime soon.

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3 Responses to About Done Buying a New Truck

  1. Courtney says:

    The car buying process always seems to be a pain in the ass.  As well as the lazy dealer autoshops.

  2. Brian says:

    I like this pic the best:

  3. The Mrs. says:

    Chirs, why didn’t you photoshop your face over that guy’s?  That would have been really cool!

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