Spoonbill Weekend


I’m sorry this post is so late.

So Friday night after work Heath picked up Peanut, the new truck and then me and we quickly headed down to the Lake of the Ozarks. Friday night we played around on the dock a bit then headed to the bar and grill there called Fatties. It’s pretty much the closest and best place to eat or get a drink. We had a late dinner then got Peanut to bed.

In typical fashion we had some boat problems in the morning. Grandma Natty was at home so it was nice to see that all boats have problems even nice big newish ones. We got it running around noon and headed out.

To fish for spoonbill you just snag. This means no bait or casting and you hardly ever real it in. You have a beefy pole with beefy string on it and at the bottom is a big weight with 2 big hooks with 4 hooks on each one. We cruised back and forth along the lake pulling these up and down trying to happen to get a hook to stick in a fish. There were 4 adults in the boat so we alternated who drove, who fished and who ate.


This picture was one of the close calls we have where instead of a fish I caught a log or a rock. We unfortunately didn’t catch any fish. However after worrying that the boat would not start or that we would get rained on cruising around the lake trying to catch one was pretty fun. We had some good snacks and drinks and made the most of it.

(Peanut and Kelly enjoy celery and carrots topped with big scoops of beer dip topped with tortillas)

While not on the boat we did some hiking and brat eating and shell collecting and hung out at a bon fire and took naps and watched Wall-e. Peanut and I did a little bit of regular fishing


But still had no luck. Peanut went out on the boat in the evening on another fishing trip and still nobody caught anything.

That night we headed back to Fatties for more food and everyone got a fun drink.

Sunday Peanut and I got up early and did some walking around on 4 wheeler trails in the woods. Then we ate breakfast packed up our stuff and headed home.

On the way home we stopped in Louisburg and cleaned up a bit then went to a cousin’s first birthday party.

Braxton had his very own giant cupcake.


and we enjoyed hot dogs mac and cheese and egg rolls.

Once home I inspected the new trailer Jon got me and snapped a couple pics of my new hauling setup.


We had the truck all weekend and today but it still needs some work and goes back to the dealership tomorow. I think I will really like it when they are done with it.


It had been kind of cloudy all weekend but the sun came out and Berry looked bored so we got him and headed to the park. We headed to the trail we usually go to but a totally different part of it that was new to us. Heath and I felt like doing some good hiking and exploring but Peanut had a lot of bears for us to fight so we spent a lot of time fighting bears and hiding from bears and talking about bears and not a lot of time hiking.


We were fairly worn down so it was probably fine and we found a lot more of the trail left to explore.

The rest of the night we mostly cleaned up, laid around and ate. We all headed to bed early.

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