You will never guess why Peanut is so excited

Well, I guess you might if you look behind him.

So yesterday morning I tossed a big chunk of pork in the crockpot with potatoes onions and BBQ sauce so when I got home dinner was about ready. I got some green beans cooking and played some Wii.

We ate shortly after Peanut and Heath got home. Heath and I were hungry and gobbled up dinner pretty quick. We had lots to get done so did not wait on Peanut. He is being a pokey eater lately so he sat at the table untill he was ready to stop talking and start eating.

Meanwhile Heath got busy on a refridgerator project. There was some confusion last week and we thought the fridge died but it didnt and in this process we moved all the food downstairs and then Heath decided she wanted a sparkling inside to the fridge before we moved food back.

She did a great job cleaning it all up and then reorganizing all the food as it went back in.

Meanwhile I headed to the hardware store for wood putty then to Aldi. It’s amazing how fast grocery shopping goes when I’m on my own. I zipped up and down each isle tossing in almost everything we needed, paid and headed home before Peanut got done eating dinner.

The fridge was not quite ready so Peanut finnished dinner then helped me put all the non-refrigerated items away and we made a pile for the fridge stuff untill Heath had it ready. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then Peanut and I headed downstairs. He got Dora going on the computer and I made a cut on all my shelves.

Then we headed upstairs and found Heath done and ready to go. So we all headed to the Waldo Pet store. We had 2 reasons for going. 1: The pet store was going out of business and we wanted to see what kind of deals they were giving. (Yesterday was 20% off) 2: George died last week. (George was the anole lizard that lived in Peanut’s room.

I told Peanut that we had good news and bad news. He was excited about the good news that we could get a new pet and didn’t really care about the bad news that George was gone. He talked about George going to heaven on the way to the pet store then never mentioned him again.

We talked about getting a crab or frog or another lizard or a snake or hamster on the way but Peanut was pretty sure he wanted a lizard just like George and would call him George.We looked around a while and once we saw 3 fancy mice playing in a log we were sold. Peanut laughed at them a bunch and asked the lady if he could hold one. They are crazy fast and can jump high so he didn’t hold them but she did stick them in a box for us and we picked out a water bottle, cedar chips and food  bag for them. We hurried home to put together a cage for them. The total cost for the new pets so far is under $20.

Peanut and I grabbed a log twice as big as the one in their cage at the pet store and headed downstairs to put on safety gear and brake out power tools.

We drilled some holes and tunnels through the log and Heath got the old lizard cage all cleaned up and ready for the mice. We added some old metal pipe to our house and made plans for more holes and fun stuff for the mice.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Shortly later everything was ready and we released the mice.


They found the log right away and darted in and out of all the holes poking their heads out and sniffing around everywhere.


They are lots more fun to watch then the lizard was and don’t require live crickets. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We played Mario Cart briefly before Peanut got on his pajamas, brushed his teeth and went to bed. I headed downstairs and painted the shelves for a while and filled in screw holes with putty and painted over that and then showered and got to bed.



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  1. The Mrs. says:

    It is so exciting to have a clean refrigerator!

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