Spring was here

Our new yellow flowers are not going to like the cold weather that is coming.

Our purple ones won’t like itOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and neither will the blue ones.

So last night kinda sucked and I am not looking forward to talking about it because it makes me and Heath look bad. So I am going to start with yesterday morning to get some steam going. At around 9:30am I headed to Municipal Auditorium in downtown KC and with the help of the producer of “Up To Date” set up all this equipment.

We got 3 regular microphones, and 1 shotgun microphone, 2 clocks synced with the station, a laptop, a mirrored monitor of the laptop, 5 headphones and a little piece of equipment that everything plugs into that sends audio back and forth from us to the station.

The hour long show was about a basketball tournament in Kansas City. No not that one, this one The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Basketball Tournament.

It’s the division 1 championship and the final game was last night. The show took place on the edge of the court and we interviewed people who set it up and players and a coach.

It was a fun show and was good to be a part of. Everything on our end went really well but the station had some problems and the audio quality was not great. After the show we packed everything up, thanked the guests and headed back to the station.

Then it was business as usual till work got over. Once home I got dinner ready and cleaned up the kitchen and played with Berry till Heath and Peanut got home. Then we grilled up some steaks and had them with mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed cabbage.

We had a pretty big list of supplies we needed from Wal-Mart but Peanut really wanted to go to the playground. So we headed there for a quick play to allow him to burn off some energy and not do boring stuff all night.

It was nice and sunny out but the wind was cold. Peanut and I got out when we arrived but Heath did not want to brave the wind and stayed in. So I tossed my keys on the seat in case she needed radio or heat. Peanut ran around for a while and fell several times because he was wearing big rain boots.  Then Heath came out and joined us so Peanut set up a pretend restaurant and served us.


Shortly later Heath was cold and we headed to the truck to leave, I asked Heath for the keys and discovered we had a problem. She did not know I had left her the keys and had locked the doors with them on the seat.

It’s the brand new truck and we don’t have a spare yet so we were boned. We were way back in Leawood park and I doubted a cop would be by anytime soon so I looked up the closest Locksmith and gave him a call. Peanut was excited that his quick playground visit turned into a long one. After 30 min or so a guy showed up and got to work.

He had 2 of these things in different sizes.

He would wedge one in between the door and the cab and inflate it then squeze the other one in next to it and move one after the other till there was an inch or so gap. Then he made me sign something saying he may break the window but the company would pay for a replacement. He assured me several times OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat the chances of a break were less then 1%. I signed and he stuck a metal pole through the gap and hit the unlock button. Then he took his tools out of the door and opened it.

The alarm went crazy for a while untill I learned how to disarm it,  then we payed him a small fortune and hoped in the truck to warm up and make our Wal-Mart run. We got most of what we needed at the store but the garden center was gone for renovations so we didn’t get the fertalizer or seads I wanted. Once home again we got Peanut in bed right away. Then I did a bit of painting. I was putting on some clear sealant stuff that took 30 min to dry and needed 3 coats so I got one down then watched some Breaking Bad on the internet with Heath, then 30 min later  got a second coat and so on till the shelves were all coated and ready.

Heath and I got part way through the 7th episode and hope to be able to watch them on normal TV after this.

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7 Responses to Spring was here

  1. thePrewitt says:

    To the first person to name all 3 kinds of flowers at the top.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    are the yellow ones I think, but I’m not sure of the rest. And I think the Red Bud trees are going to flower in the next few weeks, and that will be amazing!  I love our yard in the Spring!!!

  3. thePrewitt says:

    You live there. Give the others a chance

  4. The Mrs. says:

    Do you even know what they are?

  5. Courtney says:

    But I will go ahead and tell him.

    I think they are daffodils, lilac and squill?  Not exactly sure on the last one.

  6. Ge-off says:

    The blue ones appear to be the Siberian Squill:


    The purple appears to be the Purple Lilac, also know as the State Flower of New Hampshire:


  7. thePrewitt says:

    I have no idea

    Geoff and Courtney you can split the prize

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